Monday, December 20, 2010

Afterparty Update!

Hi again everyone! It's me! I'm sure I have a few forgotten friends who have this blog in their readers. Well, I finally updated everyone on our wedding's after-party!

If you want to check out the photos and brief recap, I posted it on my new blog for our nine month anniversary today!

I hope you all will come visit if you haven't recently! And I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to recap. I touched on that in the post as well.

Much love to mah peeps!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: The Reception Ends...

After the toasts, it was time for Mr Pug and I to eat our cake! All we could do was share a cupcake, we were so full!

We politely fed each other... we aren't into the whole cake-smashing thing.

And that was it. That's the least red velvet I've ever purposely ate. I normally would not leave so much left over, but we were stuffed from all the AMAZING food!

Then, Mr P's Aunt S wanted to say a few words.

She talked about the first time she met me.

I pinkie-swore on something, but I can't remember what!

She told everyone how she demanded Mr P NOT MESS THIS UP!

Her words were really sweet and unexpected.

The best kind of surprise!

After, we got to take a picture with all of Mr P's family in Missouri. His only cousins are these 3 guys (with their wives - and girlfriend in the case of the one in pink - daughters, and parents Aunt T and Uncle P) and they all live in Missouri.

There are VERY few girls in Mr P's family, one per generation on his dad's side. These are paternal cousins so it was interesting that two of them had DAUGHTERS! They weren't in the formal pictures because the kids were getting fidgety, so we got the picture here.

Then, my MIL wanted to say a few words.

This made Mr P nervous since she has, in the past, embarrassed him a bit at parties like this. I won't go into details...

We had no idea she was going to talk so we were a little nervous.

Can you tell?

However, it ended up being very sweet and we were happy to hug it out!

This would be me telling her how nervous we were when she got up to talk!

I also got to take a picture with my cousin M and Mr P's aunt T, who are both my sorority sisters, all from different chapters!

Then came a great surprise... our photographer printed out a portfolio of some pictures from the day!

I looked over them with some family- this was such a great thing to end the reception with.

Everyone else really liked it too!

Our photographers were priceless. LOVE YOU ERIN AND JOHN! Check out Erin's new website. She added a pet section... some of our pug pics are in there!

Our time at Buca had ended!

I still have some candid guest photos to post though. AND... THE AFTER-PARTY PHOTOS! Including our HORRIBLY AWKWARD first dance, amazing sheet cakes, and a ton of keg stands. Don't forget about me just yet!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Toasts!

Ok, yes, it's been a full month.

I am sorry. I am just kind of over my wedding!

Yes, there I said it.

Sometimes it's a little hard to talk about it without focusing on what it should be, what we wish we could have offered our guests, and not meeting our own expectations.

Also, I'm really enjoying my new blog. I feel like it's a little healthier to move on, ya know? Focus on the here, the now, the good (and sometimes bad, but mostly good) going on presently.

In the meantime though, I have lots to share and will be better about finishing these recaps!

And now I give you... the toasts of the evening!

First up was Mr P's co-best man, A.

Poor A was nervous and a little shaky.

Everyone was excited, clearly. Who wouldn't be nervous?

Mr P put him at ease with his suaveness, though.

Best Man A talked about living with my hubby, good and bad.

He also discussed meeting me. I met A the same night I met Mr P.

He called me out a bit...

...but mostly kept it sweet and clean.

After, A and Mr P hugged it out.

And I got in on that too!

Up next, my sisters MOH M and MOH R did a co-toast.

They went back and forth and told stories about growing up with me.

They discussed how I was protective and cared about them fiercely.

They told two stories, one that I remembered, and one that I did NOT. My apologies to the kid I beat up on the playground for looking at my sister the wrong way.

These two are wonderful, caring sisters. I couldn't imagine growing up without them.

(Here, it seems, I am pondering how I beat up little Jimmy Jones...)

They ended by saying how glad they were I was there for them, and how glad they ARE that Mr P is now there for me.

Throw in a few laughs...

Maybe a jab or two about how Mr P calmed me down...

And we'll still hug it out too. I love these two!

My mommers hugged them as well...

And then shared a brief few words as well.

She mostly mirrored the sentiment that Mr P is awesome for having calmed me down and made me less... insane.

When did this become a roast?!?!

Mommers finished her short but sweet toast and then it was onto BEST MAN DAN. We call him "The Closer" because of his insane speaking abilities.

I won't lie... I was a little nervous.

D started out talking about how he met Mr P in college.

(Look at Mr P's stepmom laughing in the corner above and my sisters and M's boyfriend laughing below!)

D discussed their mutual love of pizza and "hanging out."

(And apparently, something victorious)

He talked about his memories with Mr P...

Their crazy fraternity days and disgusting house...

D had everyone captivated.

"And then I met Mrs Pug."

"Did you know she talks?"

Cue an uproar of laughter at the obvious truth.

He ended his toast with great thoughts and best wishes, and we raised a glass.

The boys hugged...

And, as awkwardly caught on camera, I gave Best Man Dan a hug as well.

These toasts were one of the very best parts of the wedding, so they're a good thing to focus on here when I'm feeling kind of EH about weddings in general. They were a great memory and a wonderful tribute to our great relationships.

Next? A few... impromptu speeches? And awkward faces to boot!