Monday, May 31, 2010

I interrupt the recaps... show you our one and only picture of us from THE day to be in Indy, INDY 500 DAY!

We went white trash. Our whole crew (about 60 of us!) really white-trashed it up with jorts, ripped shirts, and hats. It was a great time.

Unfortunately I dropped my camera and the battery and memory card fell out. I could only recover the battery (since I didn't realize the memory card fell out til later) and lost all photos from this weekend!

If you aren't already, you should be following my new blog, Ordinary in Indiana. More info about the race and everything else will be there.

Recaps will commence when I get pics I'm waiting on. I wanted to post some pics of the time at the church before the ceremony, and one of my friends has a ton! Once I get those posting will continue.

Thanks for keepin' up with me blog friends!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: The Church

Here's our beautiful church!

We are really lucky that we found a church to be married in and to attend in one fell swoop. It's a wonderful fellowship with a GREAT worship band!

Seriously... so beautiful.

Here's what I did to decorate the church:

Candles and a floral centerpiece (that we donated to the church. There were also pew candles (you can see them in the far left and right on this photo.) All candles were FREE FREE FREE! (Well with the $850 church use fee.)

The flowers were OK. I would have wanted less greenery, more white/OUR green, and some touches of black. It looks better from farther though, and while I felt that it wasn't worth what I paid for it ($100-something) I did give him free reign with our colors.


There were also candles on the registers along the sides. It created a wonderful ambiance even in the sunny afternoon.

Did I mention my church is beautiful? We didn't do a ton to decorate the church and it still looked amazing.

We also can't forget about all my DIY projects... our guestbook!

The big bad programs... heck yea!

The spray-painted birdcage with the cards sign on it...

The back of our photo request cards...

Here's one of my pug friends (mom to Hank and Sally O'Malley) signing our guestbook!

I was glad that a pug person was the first to sign this guestbook.

My pal AP handing out our photo request cards!

And beautiful Em with the programs. I think she needs to make this her facebook pic.

And here's one of my fantastic photographers. This is John, Erin's husband.

Just about this time I was in the back, freaking out...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank You! Thank You! Etc.

I know, I suck for not updating.

Anybody switch from Blogger to Wordpress? Holy shit. Photo uploading on Wordpress makes me want to never use Blogger again. Screw that five-at-a-time bullshit. Le sigh. Anyway, I've been really busy finishing my name change (DONE! Well... ish) and writing Thank You notes (also mostly done and sent) and updating my new blog. I'm trying to make it something everyone can enjoy, and since Wordpress posting is so much easier, Ordinary in Indiana usually wins.

I promise to get back with posting recaps (there are soooo many more, please don't stop following me and forget all about the Puggy Wedding!) really, really soon. In the meantime though, I have a public service announcement...

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 25) is BLOG BUDDY APPRECIATION DAY!

I wrote about it here on the kjpugs blog. I hope you guys will participate. Comment on my entry (posting tomorrow morning on the kjpugs blog, ohhh around 8:30am Eastern time) if you post for BBAD. I would love to see some of my awesome wedding blog friends participate!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Us

Everyone left (except Best Man Dan who was waiting with our car) and it was time for us to get our portraits together. I love the beautiful setting of the monument downtown.

He was ALMOST my husband at this point!

The monument backdrop is just so timeless. I am so glad we had the sun to do pictures there.


Counting down the minutes in our heads...

There's that fountain again!

Our best pug imitations!


We took a leisurely walk... this is a great shot of my super-simple bustle. The one I didn't want but got anyway, and I'm pretty happy about it.

We smooched for the crowds...

Lots of smooches! I LOVE the bustle in this picture.

And who doesn't love fisheye!?

We also kissed for our flowers...

This one is one of my FAVORITES!

We mimicked the other sunglasses shot and you get me smirkin' into my almost-hubby's glasses!

I snuck a moment with Mr Pug next to the monument.

We posed for a bunch in front of one of the monument gates. I was, at this point, really really really ready to get to the church and do the wedding thing.

One last picture - our shoes with the fast-wilting flowers, and we were ready to go!

But don't worry, the stress/drama/craziness didn't end with our arrival to the church!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: My Bridals

Bridals!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! After everyone left Mr Pug was a gentleman and waited for our together pics while I got these taken. Check me out, I'm fierce.

This is in front of the monument in downtown Indy aka "the circle."

Contemplating the monument, perhaps?


Oh I definitely had fun with these.

Erin is a sucker for birdcage veils so of course she wanted to take these! They're three different pics... I love how similar yet different they are with the different finishes.

Ohhh if only those were my real eyelashes. Both my sisters have eyelashes like that for real. My makeup artist even pointed it out!

So coy, so coy.

This? THIS is more kjpugs. Miss Pug is judging youuuuuuuu! Sing it with me people... "Judgingggg eyes! (clap) Are judging you! (clap clap)"

I was a little unsure about sitting and then of course I had issues looking up at her towards the sun. So there are lots of squinting pictures to be not shared.

My poor bouquet was melting already. See you can barely see the anemones. I also got those popular heart stick-ons to keep my shoes from slipping. They didn't stay on super well but did their job.

BAM! Here are my flowers.

I'm hiiidddinnnnggg!

I love this one. I love the picture of my dad, I love my ring, I love the hint of flowers, jewelry, and dress, I love the nail color.

Hello boobage!

This one's very me. Typical KJ face. Typical boobs as well.

Also typical. I couldn't really get into the whole "you're a pretty model" thing.

But I tried.

While fun, I was just pumped to be getting married later!

The monument downtown has fountains on either side. I love the pale aqua color it provided.

Something had me laughing!

Loveeee the color!

My two favorite flowers!!!!! Spider mum, meet anemone. Anemone, spider mum.

Soon, Mr Pug would join me for picturesssss! I couldn't wait!