Friday, July 31, 2009

Inventing Weddings

Ok so we ALL know I'm obsessed with etsy, and there's a wonderful blog, Inventing Weddings, that finds goodies on etsy and makes great inspiration boards.

WELL, one posted today features our wedding colors! Check it out!

...we have addresses!

Thanks to some tutorials I found on Weddingbee, I have created a form to capture our guests' information! I created it using Google docs, which was very easy. If you have gmail, you can just access it from your gmail page (the documents link on top near your calendar and reader.) If you don't have gmail, you can go to the docs link above and create a log-in- you don't need to use gmail to use docs.

Once you are on your Google docs page, under "New" select "Form" (see below.)

Fill in the survey with the pertinent questions. You add a question by going to "Add item" and selecting the type of question you want. Select "Text" if you want them to have a short answer (one line.) Select "Paragraph text" for a longer answer. "Multiple choice" can be used for anything with multiple answers- you could potentially use this as an RSVP type thing, and ask "chicken or fish?", I used it for the states. Yes, I have to type in all 50 plus DC but it was worth it. Knowing the state song from grade school really helped me out!

Don't forget that you can make any question required by selecting the box at the bottom of the question. I did this for the address questions since they are vital!

The things we asked were: Their name, their significant other's name, address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip, phone, preferred e-mail, alternate address (in the question we noted that if they are going to move, put what address they'd like us to send things to, etc), questions/comments, and any dietary restrictions. We included the dietary part since we are planning a chicken sit-down dinner, and would like to know if anyone has allergies or is a vegetarian ahead of time. You can customize this as much as you want! The choices are endless!

When you are done, your page will look like this. Click "Save" on the top right.

Then, if you so choose, click "Theme" (this one is set to plain currently, above) on the top left.

You will be given a bunch of themes to choose from. I chose this green one, titled "flowers." Hit "Apply" (see below- top left) to select the theme, or hit "Cancel" to go back and choose another.

Once this is all saved, exit the form. Walk away for a minute. Give google a break! After a moment or two (likely because I'm on a PC and it stinks!) it will be listed on your Google docs home page. Click on it to open it. If you're like me- you'll have a mild meltdown, because the spreadsheet pops up- not the form! Don't worry- this will be good, since it's where the form entries will be stored and organized. But in order to distribute, you must do this. With the spreadsheet open, select the "Form" menu (see below) and go to "Go to live form." You can select "edit form" if you would like to change anything.

When the published form pops up, just copy the URL and send to family and friends. I did a quick test to see if it worked- filled in "TEST" in all the areas and then went back, opened the spreadsheet, and it was there.

You can use the spreadsheet to help organize your guests and keep track of addresses! This will be endlessly helpful for us. How will you utilize Google documents for your wedding?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few Good Updates...

Yay- I am having a happy wedding-stuff day today!

In regards to my freak out about shoes... so many people are in love with the Nina ones. Like, so many. Who can blame them right? I signed up for their newsletter which gets me 10% off my order. I then e-mailed their customer support to ask about swatches. I was thrown off by that green, but I think I need to see it in person, since computers are dirty liars. Turns out, for less than $10 you can order a swatchbook, and then the cost of it will be taken off the shoes when you order. So I don't lose any money if I order shoes from them... I'm in!

Keep your fingers crossed for some granny-apple-goodness in there!

I also have been lucky enough to work with seller GoAgainstTheGrain on etsy for my printed materials suite. She's doing it all for around $125 and I'm smitten. Here's a sneak peak- our first draft of the monogram! In. Love. I also received the first (and pretty much final) drafts for our invites and RSVP postcards. Seriously she amazes me with her talent. She took my idea and just totally went with it.

I'm not going to post any of that stuff since I want our guests to be surprised, but just know... they're AWESOME.

This might be the best peice of news... tomorrow Mr Pug and I fly to New Jersey! I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving- with the exception of Mama Pug driving out to meet the Pugs-In-Laws and buy my dress in March, and MOH Sister M coming out with our friend C for our yearly Hog Roast the day before the 500. We don't know if we'll make it back this Thanksgiving, so seeing everyone is super important. Also, Mr Pug has only been to NJ in the winter! If weather permits on Sunday we'll be going down the shore for some good Jersey-style fun in the sun! No beaches here in Indiana... :(

Saturday my Mom and 'Maids are throwing us a shower / engagement party. Above is the dress I plan to wear! I got it at NY&Co., which happens to be the retail store I work at. (Ok random people, I encourage you to wear NY&Co., but don't be asking me for discounts! It's against policy!) The dress was 50%, plus my discount = nice and cheap. Although in real life, the magenta-pink looks more orangey-red, and the purple looks more like a bright magenta. Go figure.

Can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family this weekend! Don't worry, I will provide updates, naturally!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Evolution

The first thing a lot of people asked me when I got engaged was, "Oh so are you going to start growing out your hair now or what?" I get the connotation that bride = long hair in a gorgeous up-do or flowing curls. But I've been there, done that. In fact I've had many hair changes recently as well!

In college, I kept it long and blonde. (Ohhh and I was skinny. SOB!)

When I moved here, I cut it off bit by bit, visit by visit, until I got this: (the rest of these pictures are from my Mac)

Then I got bored. And did this.

It worked but, unfortunately, not with my pastyness. Ugh I need a TAN! WAY more than I need that cupcake!

When I was unemployed I just kept it my natural color (seen below) and spent my money on tanning. Not half bad!

But now that I have a real job, I went BLONDE! Oh how I missed you, blonde hair. It's not as blonde as it will be since my hair was all sorts of funky (half was highlighted then dyed dark, the other half was untouched) and they had to be careful.

Oh I am tooo funkayyyyyy! (That was this morning... check out the pug print in the background.

I'm sure most girls think of their hair when they get engaged. I know a bunch who grew theirs out. I thought about it, but I don't miss long hair and won't want it just hanging for the wedding. I'll find something perfect to do with mine- although it's QUITE hard to find inspiration photos for keeping hair down at this length!

What do you envision for your hair at your wedding? What about extensions? Will you change your color at all?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shoes... (bangs head against wall)

Shoes have also been an evil topic... perhaps even the "S" word! I have a beautiful white dress with some slight beading, so a simple shoe with some small embellishment will be perfection. If you want to see my dress... click here.

I'm going to go over some shoe choices with you here. I am extremely indecisive and need your help! I like to add things more offbeat and special rather than ordinary, so I'm not sure I'm ok with a white shoe. I'll still probably add a shoe clip, so maybe a flower shoe clip will make a white shoe do-able for me. But, what I really want... is green! I am dying for green shoes in that granny smith apple color, that's like a toned-down lime green. Like this:

Shouldn't be that hard, right? WRONG.

Without further adieu... HALLLLP!!!!!!

Option 1: Steve Madden Seccco White Satin dyeable, $79.95

Pros: Heel height (sturdy 3-inch) and peep toe. Cons: Cost a little high, no ankle strap, a little plain, extra cost to dye shoes.

Option 2: Nina Shoes Culver White Dyeable Satin, $102.95

Pros: Great heel height (2.5), dyeable, gorgeous peep toe. Cons: PRICE!! Cost to dye shoes, no ankle strap.

Option 3: Nina Shoes Celine White Dyeable Satin, $102.95

Pros: Ankle strap, peep toe, heel height (2.5). Cons: I don't like the back being open for a March wedding, PRICE!!!, cost to dye shoes.

Option 4: Unforgettable Moments Diana Dyeable T-Strap Peep-Toe Pump, $44.99

Above, in the dyeable satin and below in the closest color, Limelight.

Pros: Ankle strap, peep toe, price. Cons: Color is too light, so I'd have to get it dyed myself, peep toe isn't large, heel is quite high.

Option 5: Unforgettable Moments Maria Satin Pump, $49.99

Pros: Gorgeous design, love the embellishment. Cons: Heel height (3.5), no ankle strap, not dyeable.

Option 6: Coloriffics Alisa, $59.95

Pros: Sturdy heel, peep toe, ankle strap, dyeable. Cons: Hate the bow! (Could remove?) Would have to pay to get them dyed.

Option 7: Coloriffics Nola, $73.95

Pros: EVERYTHING about the design. Heel, peep toe, details, ankle strap. PERFECTION! Cons: Only available in IVORY (aka it won't work with my WHITE dress) :(

Option 8: Nina Shoes custom design- 3.25 inch Elektra in Apple Luster Satin, $199.95

Pros: Love the bow and ankle strap. Cons: Heel height, green isn't quite right. (I might consider asking for a swatch.) Also.... PRICE! It's half as much as my dress!

Option 9: Nina Shoes custom design- 2.25 inch Culver in Apple Luster Satin, $199.95

Pros: Heel height, bigger peep toe, gorgeous. Cons: Green color (again), no ankle strap, outrageous PRICE!

What are your thoughts? I hoped the shoes would be as easy to find as the dress, but apparently not. How did you find yours? And do you have any suggestions for me? Which is your favorite?

The "B" Word

Ok, before I start talking about the dreaded "B" word, I have to share the cutest thing. Mr Pug saw me checking Weddingbee's boards this AM, and reading comments on my blog, and asked, "Should I just call you Miss Pug?" I nearly melted he is so cute!

I am going to go ahead and assume that no one likes talking about the "B" word. Yes THAT B-word, the pure evil one.... BUDGET.

Our main issue with the budget is not anything having to do with extravagence. Our venue is fairly affordable, and our biggest vendor cost- photography- is taken care of, as we paid our deposit with our tax return and then pay monthly, starting more than a year out. The biggest issue has been that whatever we spend, we need to multipy by the number of guests or tables... and that number is too big.

Ok, it's not actually SO bad. We planned on 200 for the wedding when we first looked at a list. And we know the B-word limits us to not give all of our guests the option to bring their own guest. I think our biggest challenge with the B-word is knowing what we can't do, that we would if we had endless money- like extravagent favors, transportation to the venue, and an unlimited, premium open bar. But we have to sacrifice and do small favors (donation to a charity), no transportation (but fun maps!), and a beer and wine bar (with cash option for other drinks). It's such a thin line between doing what we can, and wanting what we can't afford.

I think it bothers me for two reasons- first, we want to offer our loved ones our best. We want to wow them and have them say what great people we are! Not that they wouldn't say that to begin with- but when you plan every minute detail, you think they'll notice them too. Second, I've noticed that a lot of people do pull out all the stops, so certain people are used to that sort of experience. For some strange reason, nearly every friend of mine that was engaged or married in the past few years has had Daddy standing behind her with an open wallet. And I can't blame the Dad for wanting to, or blame daughter for accepting- but when the wallet is open, sometimes guests will get used to that sort of treatment. I went to a lovely wedding once with an old-fashioned trolley that took us from ceremony to reception. I wish! Or the candy buffets that Mr Pug and friends love so much... I hope no one expects that either. I guess by moving beyond these worries, you can come to terms with your B-word. I couldn't if it wasn't for Mr Pug's help and support. I tend to go mildly ape-$hit over small things (pardon my French) and he is there to ground me.

This brings me back to our one and only true B-word issue- guest count. I've come to the realization that my true loved ones who attend won't care if they are only sipping wine, not cosmos, or if they have to drive there. That makes me happy. But somehow... the guest list grows. Mr Pug and I have both received comments- some virtual, some in real life, some through others- about people being invited to the wedding. One I got on facebook was an old college friend who I never talk to, who said how suprising it was that I was engaged since she was the one with a boyfriend throughout college, and that she better be invited to the wedding. Excuse me? Maybe if The Donald was paying for my wedding and I could invite all my Facebook friends... riiiight. However there are some people we need to leave out even though we enjoy their company, just based on how large my family is. It's going to be a mostly-family wedding, with long-time and extra-close friends as well. We've had to politely let people know that our venue- and our budget- have a guest count limit and that we are having to limit our guest list. Luckily, everyone we've mentioned this to has been understanding... so far.

The B-word is evil. It causes hurt feelings and confusion. And our goal for August is going to be to whittle down the list... and we'll have to, since our Save The Dates will be going out as soon as we get our engagement photos from our photog!

How did you select your wedding guests? Did anyone invite themselves? What other things are contributing to any issues you might have with the B-word?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Checklists Inspire...

I have been checkin' up on my checklists and seem to be in pretty good shape thus far! My big things I am worrying about are my flowers, cake, and makeup. However something that came up on the checklist was officiant.

We are getting married at our venue in a simple ceremony, so we could ask anyone to officiate the wedding. However, I have been leaning towards asking the (retired) reverend from my church in New Jersey.

Of course this brings challenges, since he's retired and he's in NJ. I assume we would offer to pay for his hotel and/or flight. I just think it would be really neat to have someone who knows me so well do the ceremony.

Not only was he the rev, but he was our next-door-neighbor. I would go over there for sugar or eggs if we needed it, and I would take care of their Koi fish while they traveled.

More importantly though, he had a great relationship with my family, especially my dad. (That's my dad below with our first pug, Oli.)

When my dad died, the reverend did the service and spoke so wonderfully about him. He spoke smiling and with joyful memories. While he was talking, the foghorn that the fire department used went off. And he laughed, remembering my dad's potty humor, and said that the horn sounded like Papa Pug responding from heaven.

I guess I am just scared to ask him. Since moving I have barely seen or spoke to him. What would you do? Should I just let go of my pipe dream and find an officiant here?

Saturday, July 25, 2009



That's the one preview you get! You must go check out the pictures here on Erin's blog. Or if you are friends with me on facebook they are tagged of us on there.

Mr Pug texted me at work "guess what pics are posted" and I had no idea! I really expected it to be longer since she has been busting her butt AND even just got back from a much-needed vacation. So needless to say this preview is surprising and so, so sweet. Let me know what you think!

Friday, July 24, 2009

One Down, One To Go!

More and more in my life, I believe things happen for a reason. If something is important to you and you think and hope and pray about it enough, the path and answers become clear to you. Everything works out in the end.

I say this because after all my back-and-forth about the hotels, the answer literally came to me and- I booked the first hotel room block! You may remember that I was going back and forth between two. I decided on the Omni for a few reasons.

I work a 9-5 job in downtown Indy, then some evenings and weekends work at a retail store in the mall a block away. While working in the mall last week, a customer was paying right before close and we got to talking. She was in town on business and was taking advantage of our 50% off summer sale. As she was paying she mentioned that she was staying at the Omni. Being the forward and outgoing person I am, I went ahead and asked her what she thought, and told her I was considering it for a room block. Turns out- homegirl WORKS for the Omni! She stayed a while longer and we talked about my concerns and what the hotel offered. She recommended I just go in and talk to them candidly.

So the next day, Tuesday, I just went ahead and met with the person I had been e-mailing with. Lucky for me- this is the view from my window at my day job:

(Yep, that's the Omni!)

Compared to the other hotel, my contact Sara at the Omni was extremely responsive, and continually checked in with me offering to help in any way. I felt very comfortable e-mailing with her from day one. Customer service is so important! It was also great to see the rooms and the facilities. I brought her my concerns, and she helped give me options. For example, their parking rates are not negotiable (it is a different company) but she was able to give me names of other parking garages, and also reminded me that parking at meters is free Friday at 6pm through the end of the weekend. These are important details for our guests! I learned a lot during my tour and felt really at ease on the property.

The moral of this story? There are two. The first is don't be a wallflower- if you are making a decision put it out there because you never know who could help you. For example, I was speaking with the intern at my job (shout out Lana!) about the wedding and she happens to work part-time at our venue! She's been a great ease when I'm worried about how something will look there. If I hadn't talked to her about my venue, I might still be worrying about the look of the room without chair covers. Be open. Tweet about your dilemmas on Twitter. Tell the person on the elevator that their cupcake looks tasty- where is it from? They might think you're a creeper... or they might lead you to a vendor!

The second moral is to be brutally honest. Parking was my concern and I told the Omni that. I told them what I liked about the other hotel and what I liked about theirs. If I had felt weird being honest with them, I might be still waffling over the decision.

One hotel block down... one to go! Next I have to find one on the north side, near our venue but also still within the Indianapolis area. Yuck... wish me luck.

What wedding things have snuck up on you and made a decision easier? (Katie- like your awesome wedding photog!?!) Where is the most random place you have talked wedding details? And who has been an unlikely help to you thus far?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Choreographed Weddings

Kudos to my gal pal Katie for re-posting a great video of a choreographed "walk" down the aisle someone posted on Like I've mentioned before, I'm kind of an attention whore. I've performed Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice at every sorority formal I've been to. I was in show choir. I mean, I live for these moments.

I saw this video a few years ago:

I wasn't engaged yet but still sent it to Mr Pug. And promptly received a "no." And yea, I know he wouldn't. And I don't even think I'd have the guts to actually go through with it myself. But a girl can dream right?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July NYC Wedding Porn

I'll let you in on a little secret... I am obsessed with red, white, and navy. I attribute this to my bridesmaid A (see previous post) who during high school would always be wearing that color combo! (She has since branched out... slightly :-D) I also LOVE the Fourth of July. Growing up in New Jersey, we spent our summers almost exclusively at the Jersey shore. We'd sit on the beach and watch the fireworks on another part of the shore. They made little *poof* noises. I know we went to "real" fireworks once or twice, but my first memorable, "holy-crap-this-is-freaking-LOUD" fireworks experience for me was in high school. And it just gives me the tingles thinking of how awesome the holiday is! (FYI I am a fireworks purist- only, red, white/gold, or blue fireworks allowed. None of the purple, pink or green stuff.)

While photog stalking (I do that) I found this one, Shira Weinberger. Love. The 4th of July wedding in New York she just blogged gave me that fireworks feeling. Her very real, photojournalistic style is quite impressive. Check her out if you would! Here is the link to that blog entry, and below are my two FAVORITE shots from what she posted. Enjoy!

The Dresses Are Coming! The Dresses Are Coming!

So much good news! First- my dress is ready! However I purchased it at a tiny place 3 hours away, so I have to schedule a Saturday off work (I work a 9-5 and a retail job) to go pick it up. This is when I wish my bridesmaids lived closer so I could make it a roadtrip!

AND... my bridesmaids are all getting their dresses! I had a vid chat with 'maid L last night and hers looks fabulous! And, gorgeous 'maid A sent me pictures. She said "These are not the best quality because I am home by myself studying for the final for my summer class, but I wanted you to see it! I think it's adorable." She also texted me how much she liked it and said she wishes she didn't have to wait 8 months to wear it- and I couldn't agree more. (PS- A is about to be a second year law student and I can honestly say she is one of the people in my life I am most proud of! Look at her, Miss Summer Class!)

Since my 'maids are going to have to get used to me pimpin' out their hot selves on my blog, here are two of the shots A sent me!

Seriously could she be any cuter? That tiny bod is inspiring me to go to the gym... haha I almost believed myself. I wonder if I can get her to be my body double...

Oh I just love my bridesmaids so much! They are so cute, don't you think?! Well, you've only seen A thus far, but I plan on introducing them all in the near future. They are amazing women and so important to me.

How do you deal with having any bridesmaids that live far away from you?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foxy Lady

When I worked at a restaurant, this song came on once and I did the whole "dance" seen here. (Wait a little, it's a few in.)

So... I told Mr Pug that I was going to walk down the aisle just. like. that.

...which of course didn't fly. Mr Pug isn't as much of a crazy attention whore as I am! But you can bet that at the rehearsal...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Phew... and introducing "TWDD"

I nearly jumped out of my seat with a "woo hoo!" today- I heard back from the wonderful etsy vendor I asked about doing our cake topper!

Paula from the etsy shop polymerpaws does WONDERFUL sculpts of many things- dogs (mostly boxers) are a big part but also whimsical little odds and ends- I loved this series of clams on the half shell she did, some looked scared, some looked sleepy, etc. Please visit her shop! She has been uber busy (I had e-mailed a while ago and got a little worried!) and also moved, so she's just now getting back to restocking her shop. She isn't doing custom work at the moment, but since I asked her a while back (um, maybe the week we got engaged?) to do our cake toppers, she said she would still do it for us. Literally, overjoyed is not a strong enough word. I was starting to look for other things I liked for cake toppers, you know, just in case, and nothing came close to comparing.

You probably remember Oliver from one of my previous posts. I commissioned a sculpt from Paula of Oli in my FAVORITE photo of him:

Seriously, misery embodied in a pug!

Paula created this wonderful sculpt that made me tear up upon seeing it.

She managed to capture the perfect "I seriously hate you, and better get treats for life for this" expression.

Paula will be doing a bride and groom pug for us. I am leaving all the little details of them to her- she's a professional and I trust her.

I've been doing that a lot lately- while I considered myself a really creative person who would become a total DIY bride, I am more apt to commission stuff from I think that many times my attempts aren't even close to being as good as I had hoped, and then it's even more wasted money. You can find a ton of great, affordable vendors on etsy. I'm having ALL our printed materials designed on etsy for like $125- from monogram to save the dates to invites to seating chart. I love etsy. More on that later.

Having pugs as a subtle theme is one of the Things We're Doing Different. I think some will be well-received, while others we're kind of keeping to ourselves so we don't have to defend them. We've been asked jokingly "so you're not doing a pug-themed wedding... right?" (Um... would I if I could? Possibly. Don't judge.) Stay tuned in the coming months (EIGHT MONTHS FROM TODAY TO BE EXACT HOLY CRAP) for more and more about the TWDD.

What things are you doing differently than the "norm" dictates? Are you more a DIY or DIT (do it themselves) type of bride?

Also... quick poll... do you pronounce etsy "ehtt-see" or "eeet-see?" I'm a screechy-e etsy girl myself!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something Borrowed, Something Chewed

Something you'll hear me whine about a ton is how bad I want to have our pugs in our wedding. I already have a vendor ready to make them their dresses/tie at a moment's notice. I think we just need to see how overwhelmed we are when it gets closer. But I mean come on... pugs and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly!

The above and below pictures are from the Erin Hession Photography website's homepage!

We have a small magazine collection in our bathroom, which is everything from Indianapolis Monthly to Men's Health, and the occasional HealthyPet Magazine. Look at the article Mr Pug left open in HealthyPet for me...

Clearly my scanning skills are sub-par, but it's a cute one page article. It gives tips for how to make it happen and make it easier, like knowing your pet, checking with your venue, and assigning an "escort" (I've been talking about having a pug wrangler!!!!) The it gives ideas for how to involve your pet without having them there, like including them on printed materials, or naming tables after something related to your pet.

Unfortunately the article isn't on their website, but I think it's funny how my wedding issues and inspirations seem to be popping up everywhere!

Where's the most random place you found something wedding-related? What issues are you not making a decision on yet regarding your wedding?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Real Simple - for real!

Real Simple magazine has been an obsession of mine for years. My mom has subscribed to it forever and while I'm extremely messy and a picky eater, I do get inspired by the life-simplifying goodies in there!

The fabulous and eternally adorable Mrs. Meatball on posted some great goodies we might be intersted in, one of them being a 1-year Real Simple magazine subscription for $5. That's right my friends. The price of a $5 footlong... for a year's magazine subscription, saving you $49.00. I totally bought it.

That led me to Real Simple's website, I was surprised by the amazing wedding resources on there! Buying the alcohol for your wedding and need to know how much? There's a tool for that. DIY-ing your makeup and not sure what foundation to use? There's a perfect foundation tool. Or just looking to compare wedding prices from state to state? Also on the site. (My jaw hits the floor comparing New Jersey to Indiana... we really are lucky that we can have it here.) Seriously, go check out Real Simple's website and waste some time learning fabulous things!

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day

What to do when you are just having a horrible day?

I wish I could say I was PMS-ing, but no, I am a chronic over-reactor. And on top of some heinous over-reactions, my sisters M & R are both having even more miserable days than I am. Which leaves me with a gigantic lump in my throat all day just feeling like a miserable person. I know I'm overreacting, which makes it even more frustrating.

Anyways I take that as a cue to switch up my wedding website!

Here's the new layout. I WISH I had taken a screenshot of the old one! i'm so mad at myself! It was a little more "floofy" and less modern. The floral picture was of green hydrangeas and the green color was more muted. Since I know we will be using spider mums, I switched it up.

I have to give absolute props to everyone at I had a coupon for 15 months at a discount and signed up pretty much right when we got engaged. At the time I struggled mentally with whether or not I should be paying for a wedding website. But the giddy 18 year old who had been pre-planning her wedding website since they became popular won out, and boy am I glad she did. Their customer service is TOP. NOTCH. I literally cannot reiterate this enough. When I have a question (like today, how to change the main picture on the flash intro) I have always gotten an e-mail response within HOURS, usually less than one hour. And they're responses from real people, anxious to help you solve your problem. That is so rare in this world! I love them so much I even follow them on twitter.

Having a wedding website has also helped get my family on the east coast excited about the wedding. Not being able to see any of my family and most of my friends at all, the website makes them still feel like they are in on the action.

I also love the multitude of options on the site. We can post directions, hotel information, registrys and wish lists, quizzes, dedications, vendors, photo albums, information about the wedding party and our families, as well as even do RSVP's online complete with questions ("Chicken or fish?" or "Will you need transportation to and from the reception site?") While we probably won't use the latter, it's pretty neat how much you can do. You can even create Save-The-Date cards that match your site! Ahh, websites... I feel better already!

Will you be using a wedding website? If so, what site did you use and what are the pros/cons you have found thus far? What new ways will you be utilizing your website?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Having about six heart attacks in a row because...

...I selected Bridesmaid Dresses!!!!

I found these pups online on SALE at J.Crew.

I am in love... the little tuck mirrors my sweetheart neckline... the fabric is DIVINE for March- please, oogle:

One has been purchased already! I sent the 'maids a mildly frantic e-mail, since the sale is just of what's left (I checked, at least one per size in black) and there are no refunds/exchanges. Which makes me pee myself just a little bit. But- I said to ORDER UP if you don't know your J.Crew size or if you're borderline- you can always alter it smaller not bigger.

One of my besties had a friend wear this in a wedding, so she sent me a picture:

DEFINITELY cuter on a person with a real bod! That silk taffeta sheen! Those POCKETS! I love I love I love! It's that modern/classic combo that I was hoping for.

Although I did rush my 'maids, I am glad to get them a great quality dress at a sale price.

This was a way bigger deal and longer, more frustrating process than I thought. How did you select your Bridesmaid dresses?

Hotel Dilemma!

I will be booking two hotels- one closer to our venue, and one downtown. While downtown is a little far from our location, for those who don't mind driving it gives them tons to do throughout the weekend. My mom was the one who requested we book a block downtown as well, since she and many other relatives want to really experience Indianapolis.

I used Hotel Guides and got GREAT bids. You just put in your information and what you're looking for, and hotels will provide you with a bid. I narrowed it down to these two: The Omni and The Hilton.

For these two hotels, they're a great deal. The Hilton will be cheaper, both for us (we'll stay in a downtown hotel after our reception) and for guests- but not by much. The Omni is a little nicer hotel, and more pricey, but closer to a lot of great stuff.

I have no idea how I will choose and time is running out... PLEASE HELP!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shall We Dance?

The title of this post just brought back some memories of the only movies I ever watched growing up- musicals. (My mom loves show tunes and my dad refused to let us watch MTV or VH1.)

I talked to Mr Pug recently about our wedding song- the song, if you will. I found this list from, an Australian site- which I hope explains why MACY GRAY is #1. Go check it out, some are great songs but some are NOT what I'd be playing at a wedding.

Mr Pug and I are the kind of couple that have different tastes in music. He's not going to listen to Jason Mraz anytime soon; I can get him kind of into Guster stuff, and he can help me try to appreciate Pearl Jam. There are some bands we both enjoy: Coldplay, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket- and he's even starting to get into Jack's Mannequin (my all time FAVORITE band). But when it really comes down to it, music is much more important to him. Mr Pug plays the guitar and gets more joy out of uploading songs to his iPod than most humans. It's like how my dad was with music- just in his veins. So I brought up "the song" for Mr Pug to start thinking.

I'm hoping over the next few months (ok, or anytime before March 19th) he'll find a song from a band we both like that speaks to him about us, and could be danced to slowly. My only requirements :-).

How are you chosing your first dance song? Do you enjoy the same music as one another? If not- who will "win out?"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sign Here?

I am a walking, living, breathing contradiction. I am a huge worry-wart that plans ahead unnecessarily, and at the same time, I am a big procrastinator. Which equals a lot of worrying about unnecessary things, and the putting off of probably-important things. Mr Pug is a Saint, and I don't even mean that jokingly... I am surprised he has survived the neurotic Miss Pug for as long as he has.

So... what has been keeping me awake at night?

My new signature.

Yep, I could be worried about finding a florist, or when I will eventually get my e-pics back, my upcoming shower, or finalizing hotel room blocks. All are valid reasons for planning, thought, and concern. But no, I focus on my signature.

I have never loved my name, and I've never had great handwriting. I just recently began to feel comfortable with my signature. My initials are KJ, and I draw my K and J with a similar large loopyness. I don't necessarily love it, but it's comfortable. The idea of changing my name is thrilling- a shorter, easier name, that at the same time is less common! Brilliant! But a cursive H is my new nemesis. I will probably practice twice every day until March 20.

What irrational worries do you have about your wedding? If you are taking your fiance's last name- are you happy about the new name? And have you practiced your new signature? (Admit it- you have!!!!)

Pets in Weddings?

Stemming from last night's post- who has seen pets involved as part of a wedding? And in what capacity? Who took care of them- and when did they arrive/leave? Did it go well or... not so well?

Thanks for sharing your stories and thoughts!