Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: The Reception Ends...

After the toasts, it was time for Mr Pug and I to eat our cake! All we could do was share a cupcake, we were so full!

We politely fed each other... we aren't into the whole cake-smashing thing.

And that was it. That's the least red velvet I've ever purposely ate. I normally would not leave so much left over, but we were stuffed from all the AMAZING food!

Then, Mr P's Aunt S wanted to say a few words.

She talked about the first time she met me.

I pinkie-swore on something, but I can't remember what!

She told everyone how she demanded Mr P NOT MESS THIS UP!

Her words were really sweet and unexpected.

The best kind of surprise!

After, we got to take a picture with all of Mr P's family in Missouri. His only cousins are these 3 guys (with their wives - and girlfriend in the case of the one in pink - daughters, and parents Aunt T and Uncle P) and they all live in Missouri.

There are VERY few girls in Mr P's family, one per generation on his dad's side. These are paternal cousins so it was interesting that two of them had DAUGHTERS! They weren't in the formal pictures because the kids were getting fidgety, so we got the picture here.

Then, my MIL wanted to say a few words.

This made Mr P nervous since she has, in the past, embarrassed him a bit at parties like this. I won't go into details...

We had no idea she was going to talk so we were a little nervous.

Can you tell?

However, it ended up being very sweet and we were happy to hug it out!

This would be me telling her how nervous we were when she got up to talk!

I also got to take a picture with my cousin M and Mr P's aunt T, who are both my sorority sisters, all from different chapters!

Then came a great surprise... our photographer printed out a portfolio of some pictures from the day!

I looked over them with some family- this was such a great thing to end the reception with.

Everyone else really liked it too!

Our photographers were priceless. LOVE YOU ERIN AND JOHN! Check out Erin's new website. She added a pet section... some of our pug pics are in there!

Our time at Buca had ended!

I still have some candid guest photos to post though. AND... THE AFTER-PARTY PHOTOS! Including our HORRIBLY AWKWARD first dance, amazing sheet cakes, and a ton of keg stands. Don't forget about me just yet!


  1. You looked SO pretty! And I love your birdcage veil with that dress - Heck, I love the dress in general. So fun!

  2. You're a good person, Kelly :) That's all I'm gonna say.

    I love impromptu speeches and we encouraged them at our rehearsal. Worked out well!

  3. The red velvet cupcake looked delish, too bad you didn't have more room for it! I love your little veil, it's very cute :)

  4. I love the cupcake eating pics. You look very chill and he is like DEAD SERIOUS to make sure he doesn't get any on your face. Either that or he is thinking, "Man I wish this was going in MY mouth." hahahaha

  5. AND OH MY GOD .. she hs "who let the dogs out" as the background song for the pets page!!! BAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!! I'm sooooo referring my friend for her wedding. SHe wasnts her Newfies in her wedding!! =D

  6. Love the pic of the two of you when the MIL got up to speak! Priceless. You should give her that one for your wedding pic. Now when I pass Buca's on my daily walk I will think of the two of you!

  7. You're so awesomely expressive, and I love the looks on your face when people were giving speeches.

  8. We had red velvet, too!! Love it! And I adore your faces in the pic when your MIL was funny! How cool of your photogs to offer up some printed photos! Love that so much!!!

  9. YAY, MORE RECAPS! (how did I miss this?)

    I love the look on your faces during the toasts, priceless. But, uh, do I spy someone wearing a very white/cream looking dress, who isn't the bride? Tisk tisk! LOL!

  10. Wow your photographer was amazing - printing up photos on the day - impressive!