Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Buca-Bound!

Ok yes, I suck. But the draw of the easy Wordpress photo upload makes me loath the amount of time it takes me to do a wedding recap, heavy with photos. It's so time-intensive and hands-on! Booo blogger photo upload.

We left off with the completion of our formal portraits. At this point, my new hubby and I left for Buca with Best Man Dan. We parked in a garage downtown, and as you already know, hopped in a photobooth. Best moment of the whole wedding weekend... bliss at being married, happy to be goofy and just let go.

Meanwhile, Erin was at Buca getting ready and taking pictures!

This was our room: (I die. LOVED it.)

Laura, my friendor, was setting up the cake display.

She made us some pug wedding cookies...

And she added our cake toppers that I made...

Our wait staff for the night prepared for the evening. I love this pic!

And of course, I also loved the Italian/Jersey-ness of the room.

Cake topper close up:

Buca wine:

Here are the cupcakes Laura made for us! I seriously was in awe of the awesomeness.

I asked her to do a black m&m on the white frosting to emulate the anemone flowers I had in my bouquet.

Love the little pug tongue!

Buca's wine are actually really good.

At last, we approached!

If you can, make these pictures bigger by clicking on them (sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. So just try.) Below, Dan strikes a pose...

B and I posed in front of the restaurant for a while, using the great natural light.

I love these next few!

We were hungry, but happy to pose for pictures before eating!


The Happy Newlyweds!

And what's a wedding without more fisheye?

We were going for the Jersey gangsta look.

Foot pop!

And of course, a little smooch!

Honestly, I wish my dress was more bridal- people were looking at me like they were confused. But I couldn't find a white short dress! (Now, of course, they're everywhere!) But I still had a blast and FELT special.

Next up... our dinner guests arrive and enjoy!


  1. You guys are so freakin cute! You look SO gorgeous in these!

  2. Great photos! And yes, blogger is a pain for pictures. But it's so worth it to share with us, right, right?

  3. Seriously, you looked so adorably cute! I love that dress...the veil makes it quite obvious what's up :)

    These photos are so wonderfully great. Love the photobooth shot! And I am so jealous of your cake/cupcake display! Fabulous!

    And I second your complaint about the stupidity of mass uploads on Blogger...SUCKY!

  4. I freakin love those pug cookies and toppers.

  5. Your smile is so natural and pretty! You look awesome in these photos!

  6. I love the giant smile when Big Daddy is kissing you on the cheek - that better be on a wall in your house!!!

  7. Love the leg pop! I do that in a lot of pics, too :)

  8. these pictures are great, i am a dog lover and i love these cake dog toppers.


  9. The cupcakes & pug cookies are gorgeous!

    I love your dress!

  10. I just love the pug cookies. So cute.

  11. Oh wow, those little pug cookies are so adorable!

    What do you use to upload photos to Blogger? I put mine all in Photobucket and just paste the HTML, it's pretty quick!