Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Portraits and Pictures

After our time chowing down, the group went outside for portraits. First was the jumping wedding party picture. Best Man Dan took it quite seriously...

First the failed attempt... we were all cracking up.

The best one! Love it!

I look like I'm yelling bridezilla-style but really someone was taking pictures and I was obnoxiously waving hi to them.

Mr P and I took some pictures together in infrared.

This one looks normal till you zoom in...

It's Best Man Dan crashing our photo shoot!

This one is one of my faves.

And who doesn't love sepia?

Mr Pug went off to take pictures of him and his family with Erin, our photographer. In the meantime I took some of my own... my fam plus my sister M's boyfriend!

And who says a bride can't TAKE pictures? I used bridesmaid H's camera to take a picture for her...

I can't believe I took this pic! Aren't H and her boyfriend PRECIOUS?

H and I are precious too...

Bridesmaid A showed off HER choice of footwear (she wore heels until this point. I LOVE her personal style being shown off for the evening-time though! She's so cute!)

Baby A wasn't so happy about pictures so she had to be taken home :(

After the initial photo-frenzy, the wedding party gals sat back and hung out while the portraits were taken.

Mr P's portraits... first with his mom.

His mom's partner as well.

And add his mom's partner's son! Her daughter J lives in DC and had newborn twins so she couldn't make it.

Mr P and his Dad.

And step-mom!

I love these "sort of posed but also candid" pics.

Here's Mr P and his siblings and parents.

And then add the parents' significant others and kids! Well, sort of... his step-mom's two sons couldn't make it, and then I already told you about J.

The sibling portraits... Mr Pug kept it awkward.

J, S, Mr P, N, and A.

J is going to Spain for a year in August! S just started a new job today in Chicago! N is engaged and A just cleaned out our gutters like a good brother (well, we paid him.)

Ahh, a normal picture.

Mr P with his maternal Grandmother and Aunt.

Him and his grandma.

Mr P's mom's side of the family.

Then... it was MY turn! Me and my beautiful Mommers.

She's so cute and wonderful.

My mama loves me!

Us gals :)

These are some of the best women I know, beautiful inside and out.

My Aunt M who made the trip from Massachusetts.

My Mom's best friend H who came in from Massachusetts also.

My Uncle / Godfather who reminds me so much of my Daddy. We had lots of laughs that day.

Uncle B and Me.

My uncle's family minus their two sons!

I am really lucky to have so many great family members.

My cousin AND sorority sister!

These are my family members who made it to the wedding.

There are so, so so many missing that it makes me sad. So let's not focus on the negative!

Hubby and me and my family!

Poor Mr P having to be the sole testosterone in this mix!

My mom was probably saying something about "Thank God you calmed Mrs Pug down!"

Or maybe something meaner than that since I look SHOCKED.

I adore this photo. My two favorite people!

Here we all with all our parents. Our poor, future, hypothetical children. That's a lot of grandmas.

The one Dad!

Us with my FIL and Step MIL.

Me with Mr P, his siblings, and parents.

All of Mr P's family that came, with the exception of the Missouri part of his Dad's side, who went back to Aunt P's (also not here) since the babies were fussy.

And last but not least... my melting flowers.

At this point, we were SO DONEZO and ready to celebrate and party!!! The posing was over! Hooray!!! Up next... we arrive at Buca!


  1. Seriously, your mom is GAWGEOUS!

  2. These are all so great. You really get a feel for all that was going on. Some fun and some sweet. As you know I didn't even get pics with my mom. So I love and appreciate these. The last one is amazing!

  3. Great pics. I hope we get a ton of awesome & totally useable pics from our photog like you guys did.
    - LUV the sepia picture
    - Mr. P looks exactly like his mom
    - All those Grandmas?!? Your kids are going to be SOOOOOO spoiled!!! HAHA

  4. Ok I don't know why it took me so long to comment on these but you guys look great! I love your veil! I really wanted to do a birdcage but it just didn't go with my dress. oh well. yours is so pretty and you and your family look so happy!