Monday, May 31, 2010

I interrupt the recaps... show you our one and only picture of us from THE day to be in Indy, INDY 500 DAY!

We went white trash. Our whole crew (about 60 of us!) really white-trashed it up with jorts, ripped shirts, and hats. It was a great time.

Unfortunately I dropped my camera and the battery and memory card fell out. I could only recover the battery (since I didn't realize the memory card fell out til later) and lost all photos from this weekend!

If you aren't already, you should be following my new blog, Ordinary in Indiana. More info about the race and everything else will be there.

Recaps will commence when I get pics I'm waiting on. I wanted to post some pics of the time at the church before the ceremony, and one of my friends has a ton! Once I get those posting will continue.

Thanks for keepin' up with me blog friends!

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