Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: The Church

Here's our beautiful church!

We are really lucky that we found a church to be married in and to attend in one fell swoop. It's a wonderful fellowship with a GREAT worship band!

Seriously... so beautiful.

Here's what I did to decorate the church:

Candles and a floral centerpiece (that we donated to the church. There were also pew candles (you can see them in the far left and right on this photo.) All candles were FREE FREE FREE! (Well with the $850 church use fee.)

The flowers were OK. I would have wanted less greenery, more white/OUR green, and some touches of black. It looks better from farther though, and while I felt that it wasn't worth what I paid for it ($100-something) I did give him free reign with our colors.


There were also candles on the registers along the sides. It created a wonderful ambiance even in the sunny afternoon.

Did I mention my church is beautiful? We didn't do a ton to decorate the church and it still looked amazing.

We also can't forget about all my DIY projects... our guestbook!

The big bad programs... heck yea!

The spray-painted birdcage with the cards sign on it...

The back of our photo request cards...

Here's one of my pug friends (mom to Hank and Sally O'Malley) signing our guestbook!

I was glad that a pug person was the first to sign this guestbook.

My pal AP handing out our photo request cards!

And beautiful Em with the programs. I think she needs to make this her facebook pic.

And here's one of my fantastic photographers. This is John, Erin's husband.

Just about this time I was in the back, freaking out...


  1. I love the green you used. Where is that church? I can't it in Broad Ripple?

  2. The church is beautiful.I love the bird cage for the cards. What a great idea.