Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: My Bridals

Bridals!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! After everyone left Mr Pug was a gentleman and waited for our together pics while I got these taken. Check me out, I'm fierce.

This is in front of the monument in downtown Indy aka "the circle."

Contemplating the monument, perhaps?


Oh I definitely had fun with these.

Erin is a sucker for birdcage veils so of course she wanted to take these! They're three different pics... I love how similar yet different they are with the different finishes.

Ohhh if only those were my real eyelashes. Both my sisters have eyelashes like that for real. My makeup artist even pointed it out!

So coy, so coy.

This? THIS is more kjpugs. Miss Pug is judging youuuuuuuu! Sing it with me people... "Judgingggg eyes! (clap) Are judging you! (clap clap)"

I was a little unsure about sitting and then of course I had issues looking up at her towards the sun. So there are lots of squinting pictures to be not shared.

My poor bouquet was melting already. See you can barely see the anemones. I also got those popular heart stick-ons to keep my shoes from slipping. They didn't stay on super well but did their job.

BAM! Here are my flowers.

I'm hiiidddinnnnggg!

I love this one. I love the picture of my dad, I love my ring, I love the hint of flowers, jewelry, and dress, I love the nail color.

Hello boobage!

This one's very me. Typical KJ face. Typical boobs as well.

Also typical. I couldn't really get into the whole "you're a pretty model" thing.

But I tried.

While fun, I was just pumped to be getting married later!

The monument downtown has fountains on either side. I love the pale aqua color it provided.

Something had me laughing!

Loveeee the color!

My two favorite flowers!!!!! Spider mum, meet anemone. Anemone, spider mum.

Soon, Mr Pug would join me for picturesssss! I couldn't wait!


  1. I really love the ones with the water as the background. They're all gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the ones near that fountain! And your bouquet was beautiful!

  3. They are fabulous! I love the ones that show off your veil and flowers!

  4. LOVE your pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So pretty! Your little comments about every picture made me laugh.

  6. Absolutely beautiful...clearly!