Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Us

Everyone left (except Best Man Dan who was waiting with our car) and it was time for us to get our portraits together. I love the beautiful setting of the monument downtown.

He was ALMOST my husband at this point!

The monument backdrop is just so timeless. I am so glad we had the sun to do pictures there.


Counting down the minutes in our heads...

There's that fountain again!

Our best pug imitations!


We took a leisurely walk... this is a great shot of my super-simple bustle. The one I didn't want but got anyway, and I'm pretty happy about it.

We smooched for the crowds...

Lots of smooches! I LOVE the bustle in this picture.

And who doesn't love fisheye!?

We also kissed for our flowers...

This one is one of my FAVORITES!

We mimicked the other sunglasses shot and you get me smirkin' into my almost-hubby's glasses!

I snuck a moment with Mr Pug next to the monument.

We posed for a bunch in front of one of the monument gates. I was, at this point, really really really ready to get to the church and do the wedding thing.

One last picture - our shoes with the fast-wilting flowers, and we were ready to go!

But don't worry, the stress/drama/craziness didn't end with our arrival to the church!


  1. Even though I've seen all of your pix I love to just look at them all over again by seeing your faves in the recaps!

  2. Your photographer is AWESOME. I am hardcore jealous.

  3. Photos are AH-MAZING! Flowers look gorgeous...not wilting at all :) Can't wait to see more and hear about the stress and drama which I hope was not a long lasting thing.

  4. These are terrific photos. Love the backdrop. Especially the pics up against the wrought iron gate. You two look so happy.