Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Mr P & His Dudes

We started out the monument pictures with my (then, soon-to-be!) Hubby. I married a hunk!

Seriously, Mr Pug is just the cutest.

Here he is lookin' studly...

You might recognize this location... we did some engagement pictures here!

Mr P was probably laughing since we were all being goofy during his photo shoot.

Mr P's bout was a single ranunculus and some hypericum berries. I wish it had been a little more... oomph? Like a nicer-sized ranunculus flower? But I liked that his was different than the other dudes' bouts.

This is one of my absolute faves... Best Man Dan wore super cool aviators and you can see Mr P and his other Best Man, A, in the glasses.

That was the beginning of their Mr P & Best Men photo shoot... D cracks me up (on the right)

A serious one...

And then D takes it to a less serious level again!

Here's Mr P and his wedding party dudes! His brothers J & A, Best Man Dan, Mr P, Best Man A, groomsman Z, and brother S.

Here are their bouts... SO awesome looking! A+!

J, A, Mr P, and Best Man A.

Mr Pug got some time with my gals as well. Here he is with L, H, M, R, and A.

I like these bunchier ones much better than the super formal pictures.

Don't my gals look so cute? I think the pashminas really made the look work.

We were instructed a few times to do these kiss-blowing pictures...

Brian looks overcome with blown-kiss gratitude...

...but then kiss-blowing got too hard for my gals. Check out the looks on their faces!

After Mr P's portion of pictures were finished, the two of us did a ton of pictures with the pugs... coming up soon!


  1. hey hot stuff! i just love the smile that mr. pug is wearing in all these photos.

  2. Wow those pashminas are amazing! They really pop against the black dresses and fit in perfectly with the bouquets and everything. Good job scoring these!