Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Ceremony, Pug Style

And there we were. At the altar. I couldn't believe it. And how hot it was up there. Seriously... holy lights.

Our church is so beautiful.

Our officiant started off the ceremony and then passed it off to lovely Lyd for our first reading.

She did such a great job!

It was a great way to kick off the ceremony.

I could probably tell you more of what was said, but 1) I'm too lazy to pull out the ceremony schedule and 2) I could barely keep with it during the ceremony myself. My mind was a combination of racing and focusing on Mr Pug.

And whattaya know, time for another reading.

SIL did her reading.

Mr P's dudes listened intently.

Our officiant gave an amazing homily. Not sure if this picture is of it, but we're listening to him, so why not!

Ohhh my church! LOVE! Still sad the church wasn't very full. Wonder if I can photoshop people in?

We were about to do ring stuff so I handed over my flowers to MOH M.

I'm smiling because in those hot hot lights, my ring was like BLING BLING BLING! Serious sparkle.

We prayed, which was very calming and focusing.

And then... HUSBAND AND WIFE Y'ALL!!!!! I basically attacked him.

Our kiss!

God, I love him.

And although it didn't make it on film, I did a Jersey fist pump with my flowers. We were finally MR & MRS!

Everyone walked back down the aisle smiling and laughing. M and A...

R and Best Man Dan...

H and Z...

L and S...

A, A, and J...

My HOT MOMMERS and wonderful Uncle...

Two of the three MIL's...

FIL and the third MIL...

And we were off! ...To the basement! For our everyone-included punch and appetizers "reception" (I still don't know what we should have called it) that everyone was invited to. That we pulled together pretty last minute. That I could NEVER have done without Aunt P. You'll all die when you see the food!


  1. I absolutely love your church. It's so gorgeous.

  2. Oh honey, that church is mind blowing!

  3. I think I literally blacked out during our ceremony. I had the hardest time keeping my shit together...good lord.

    And yes, your church is gorgeous :)

  4. The church is freaking insane! And your photographer did a phenomenal job...I am so jealous!!! The shots are gorgeous. And who cares if the church wasn't full?

    When my aunt got married, there were only like 15 people in the church and then at the reception at a family member's house there were like 100 people! So doesn't still looked fabulous!