Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Walking Begins

Our ceremony beginneth! (I know that's not a word.)

Ushers H, R, and E ushed them like pros. First up: Usher H and Mr Pug's maternal grandmother. His paternal grandmother broke her hip and couldn't come. We are very close with her so it was sad not to have her there!

Usher R with my MILs.

Usher E with my step MIL and my FIL following behind.

Father in Law pug looked dashingly sharp!

Then came, in my opinion, the guest of honor... usher R escorted her, my mom!

I love their faces! I adore R and my mom is the hottest, cutest, nicest mom out there. I'm so lucky.

Then came the wedding party! BM A walked with my BILs A and J.

It was a (Mr P's last name) sandwich!

Then came BIL S and BM L.

At this point, seeing it all together, I was SO happy with their outfits. Came together great. PS don't S & L look great together? They were visually well-matched.

Then come the blondes... GM Z and BM H.

Z shaved his mohawk off for the wedding... yippee!

Next up was the hilarious pair of the crew... Best Man Dan and my sister, MOH R.

In every picture Dan looks mischievous and R is laughing.

Mr Pug waiting patiently...

The other "bests..." Best Man A and my sister MOH M.

M's boyfriend has the same name as Best Man A. Weird right?

Oh look! Everyone is waiting for me!

You ready for this, Mr P?

I was still stressed but when those doors opened and my Uncle started to walk me down the aisle, I almost lost it. All I saw was Mr P.

You can tell I'm trying hard to pull it together and smile. And not cry.

I got handed off by my Uncle... who is also my dad's biological brother, and my Godfather. My dad was so missed that day, by so many people.

After that... GAME TIME!


  1. Once again...you looked so pretty on your wedding day!! And the girls' outfits were amazing!

  2. Everyone looks fabulous. The outfits are so great and gorgeous and perfectly matched :) Love the colors.

    And holy cow you have a big wedding party! :)

    My maternal grandmother (who is the matriarch of our family) had to be put on hospice care in her home 2 months before our wedding. I was devastated that she was not able to attend. She just turned 95 2 weeks ago and is hanging on...so my mom is taking her our wedding video this weekend to share with her. It's hard not to have all your important family there.

  3. Your Mom looks Smoking hot - LOVE her dress!

  4. Everyone really looks lovely. I like that they wore the pashminas for the ceremony, too. And um, your mom? HOTTIE!

    I'm glad to see your WP smiled down the aisle. I've seen some non-pro pics of our processional and none of my girls really smiled. Hopefully the pro pics will show something different, but I'm honestly a little upset about it. So good job giving them direction! (If that's what you or some one else did).

  5. Loving your recaps so far, lady! Everyone looks great...you did an awesome job coordinating the looks! And of course, you look fabulous. :)

  6. LOVE the picture of the two of you at the alter!!!! AWWW heart sis, you are beautiful then and ALWAYS!

  7. Everyone looks so happy to be there for you! I like the pop of the green on your BM with the black dresses, and your mom looks great!