Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Enjoying with Friends

We rushed downstairs and our guests followed. A receiving line, YES!

What did I learn from the receiving line pictures? I was very excited.

Excited to see Mr P's coworkers...

My cousin M...

Our friends B & R...

I was just really, really happy.

I flashed the bling around!


Everyone sat down, got food, hung out, and enjoyed! My sister R, Em, AP, and L.

Bridesmaids A and H.

Mr P's buddies hung out... too cool to sit, apparently.

ADORABLE father-in-law and step-mother-in-law! Today is their anniversary! Two years!

I got in a hug with Aunt T's hubby. I was telling him how INSANELY GOOD the punch she made was. Secret ingredient? Almond extract. I'm not even kidding.

Somehow (as if by magic?) the guestbook moved downstairs. I literally don't even know how.

There were some lovely babies present as well! First baby A, who is two and a half and shares Mr P's birthday! She's Mr P's cousin's daughter.

This is Mr P's other cousin's daughter, L. All of Mr P's cousins are guys (his sister is the only girl in the whole family!) so his cousins having daughters was a surprise!

Notice that I flat out did not eat. WHY! 3 month wife KJ is yelling at wedding day KJ to GO EAT THE DELICIOUS FOOD.

My awesome fam... Aunt M, my Mom, and my Mom's best friend H, who is like family to me.

I also got to chat and laugh it up with my pug people. This is L who made the cupcakes (yet to be seen!)

And S... check out the face they're making me make!

Aunt P is my FIL's sister. She is just truly adorable.

I got really chatty/excited (scary?) when I saw Lyd and her boyfriend.

I seriously adore these two.

Someone lined up Mr P and his siblings and my photographer caught it.

Below is Mr P's second family. He lived with them for a year in high school. Z is Mr P's high school best friend and like a brother to him (and me!) They are all wonderful, fun people I love hanging out with! I am lucky he has so many wonderful people in his life. And now, my life!

If you are feeling portrait-y... good for you, since that's what's coming up!


  1. Love that face in the flashing the bling pic! Ha!

  2. love your veil!I wish a birdcage veil had worked with my dress!

  3. Ok, are the people you are calling your 'father-in-law' and 'Aunt T's husband' the SAME PERSON?

    Are they TWINS??

    Am I losing my mind or do they look like the dame person!?!?

  4. You really look excited and so happy. Congratulations! I love those shots. Isn't it funny how things magically get moved around to where they need to be (usually) during weddings? Your bracelet kind of looks a lot like mine! I'll share some close ups of it soon in recaps :)

  5. You look so happy! I love it! The picture of you flashing the bling is hands-down my favorite! :-) Congratulations! PS-I'm glad to see someone enjoyed a receiving line. All my friends here HATE them, but I think I'll be all giddy like you!

  6. You guys looked so happy and gorgeous! I wish we'd done a receiving line, but instead tried to walk around to all the tables and talk to people. We sadly only got through about half of the tables.

    P.S. I love that your guest book frame magically moved, haha!