Friday, November 6, 2009

Calming Down my OCD Tendencies!

To prove I can actually DIY some stuff, I waited anxiously all week for my 20% off WHOLE PURCHASE Jo-Ann's coupon start day today. Yes, the elusive craft store full-purchase discount! Mostly I'll be DIY-ing my pugs' Halloween costume. Yes, I realize it's November, but we celebrate at our pug meetup group's November meeting. Yeah... we belong to a pug meetup group. Feel free to judge me.

I'll show off their outfits tomorrow, don't worry! In the meantime, let's rewind. I'm in the car driving to Jo-Ann's and call my mom on the way to thank her for sending me a purse one of her relatives didn't want. She then mentioned her dress for the wedding cautiously. I had previously said something short was fine, preferably black or green. We did some online searching weeks ago, but nothing she liked looked good on her. On the phone tonight, she mentioned that she went to a boutique with a friend from work, and found what she thinks is "the one." She loved it. But... she was worried I wouldn't let her get it since it was a blue-ish purple color.

Normally, I get so wrapped up in little details about everything, that I freak if it's not perfect. Once in grade school I drew a great picture but got a smudge on it... so I ripped it up. When I was younger, I was known to cry if whoever bought bagels didn't get what flavor I wanted. (Please note that NJ bagels are good enough to cry over, I'll give myself that!) I wasn't always easy to deal with, and I have always been overly detail focused. I know my Mom was nervous to mention this dress to me because of the color. How horrible of a daughter would I be if I said, "Nope, sorry! Get a green or black one!" The color will look great with our flowers and next to the black bridesmaid dresses. Maybe I'll even buy her a green pattered pashmina as a gift. I was just so happy to hear her happy about a dress. And she was happy to hear that I thought she should get it. She went ahead and sent me the cell phone picture she took in it. How hot is my mom!?

Yea I severely doubt she'd want her face all over the internet so I put a nice little pug face on there for her. But check out that hot little body! Isn't she adorable? I am so glad she's getting this gorgeous dress that she loves!

While at Jo-Ann's for the pug costume items, I found these totes for my bridesmaids! $6.99 pre-tax, but after the 20% off, that's $5.60 pre-tax. I'll take that!

I had to drop my OCD tendencies for this one too since 1) they didn't have six of each color (and an associate said there weren't more in the warehouse) 2) the green isn't exactly perfect. I sucked it up though, because- let's face it- they won't be in the wedding! I got three of each color and now have the task of figuring out who would like which color more. I will also try to monogram them with a first initial in some way.

Where did you find bridesmaid gifts? Did you randomly bump into them or plan out the purchases? And how did you decide what the mothers in your wedding would wear- did you tell them guidelines, let them pick whatever they wanted, or somewhere in between?


  1. i love the pug face, heehee. your mom is a hottie! =)

  2. Your mom looks great in that dress!

  3. Gorgeous dress! I was looking at a pink one like that for my mom today.

  4. Your mom looks hot!! And I'm totally going to try and find those bags at Jo-Ann's today!

  5. You are so lucky your Mom has a great figure! She looks lovely in that dress! My mother was rather plump, in addition to having spectacularly atrocious taste, and I've had to live with that "smudge" on my weding album for 20+ years. (Of course, that's longer than the marriage lasted....but that's another story!)
    Love your totes too.

  6. I can't wait to see the puggy's costumes!! I wanted to make my little min pin a costume, but I had no time (sigh). Also, your mom looks great in that dress, I can't wait for my Mama to find the perfect MOB dress!

  7. Yeah seen your mom before and she is a hottie, and shizam, that dress looks great on her... way to be daughter of the year! :)

    I did the same thing about the totes I got for my girls bridesmaid gifts. The pink and orange weren't perfect but at $1 a pop in the dollar spot at Target I couldn't refuse!

  8. Woooo dude, your mom has quite the bod! I LOVE that dress she picked out! SOOOO pretty!

  9. Hey! Just saw your note on Fairfield...I was class of '06 - who's your bridesmaid that graduated that year? If you don't want to write it on my blog, my email is
    Small world!