Friday, November 13, 2009

Save The Date Update and a COUPON!!!!!

Remember my Save the Dates? You know, that I had to order 250 of since I needed just over the other offered quantity of 100? Yea, we have coasters for a year.

Well I do not believe I've properly bragged about the lovely etsy seller who designed them! Laurel from Go Against The Grain. Andddddd she is amazing!

She does monograms for those who tried on their own and failed (COUGH*me*COUGH). Maybe someday I'll show you my failures. Here is one of my FAVORITE successes of hers. Yes, for the cost of a small latte at Starbucks (shoot, I mean a TALL) you can get a gorgeous monogram.

Find the above Monogram here, $3

She also does invitations, which you can have her print for you or, like me, purchase just the file and print yourself. This RSVP was what pushed me over the edge for Go Against The Grain... how whimsical is that phrasing!?

Find the above Invitation Suite here, $25

She also does extras like maps, seating cards, menus, etc. Which is what I really wanted to show you all, since many people have been talking about doing maps. Look how cute this map is... she not only makes it useful but CUTE to match your colors and theme! CUTE OVERLOAD!

Find the above 1-Sided Map here, $25

Laurel also has not-necessarily-wedding items like cupcake flags and holiday cards. And she was gracious enough to let me share a coupon with you all! I got it in the mail recently after a purchase...

And yes, you can use it too! Go Against The Grain is offering 15% off your purchase! Just put FF15 in the message to sender section upon checkout, and you will be refunded the 15%. This is valid until the 31st of December 2009. (Discount not valid on rush orders.) Go visit Go Against The Grain and happy shopping!


  1. Oh my goodness everything looks so great! I've bookmarked her shop for when I start looking into my paper products! Thanks Pugs!

    Love that you're using your extra STDs for coasters.

  2. Love it!!! (The coaster thing, that is.) And her prices are really reasonable, that's awesome!