Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pug DIY and a Little IU!

Back to those pug shirts!! Remember our wonderful Save the Date postcards, which featured the puggies in their coordinated shirts?

Yep, those! I knew I'd never use them again, and we're on an uber-budget, so it made sense to recycle them. The shirts were purchased months ago from Blank Dog Tees, and we even made it onto their gallery! It's a great place to buy plain, blank, and inexpensive shirts for small dogs.

On Friday, I purchased a white fabric remnant (check the remnants at your fabric or craft store- they can be REALLY affordable!) and some fabric paint pens with my 20% off Jo-Ann coupon. I made a template out of a magazine page, and cut three pieces of fabric to look like cards. I then drew the markings in pencil and colored them with paint pen.

I rounded the corners and then used Liquid Stitch to glue them to the shirts. (If you cannot sew, BUY LIQUID STITCH! It has saved me so many times!) To add both extra security to the corners and definition to the cards, I outlined them in puffy paint.

You can still sort of see the words underneath the cards (even though I got a thick fabric!) but unless you are looking, it isn't really noticeable. I let them dry overnight and then got the pugs all dressed up on Saturday!

Get it... they are THREE OF A KIND! Or... "Crazy Eights" as some friends noted!

I hope this project proves that I can actually DIY some things! :-)

Last night, Mr Pug and I got to go on a DATE! His boss (and many of his coworkers) also went to Indiana University, and the big boss has season tickets to IU basketball games. He is on vacation this week and offered Mr Pug his two tickets. Um... 8th row. Behind the north basket. YES PLEASE!

Here we are, decked out in our cream and crimson! Can you tell my hair is growing out...?

Look at our view of the court! No zoom was used for this picture! It was amazing. This was my first IU basketball game!

We also were lucky enough to have dinner with Mr Pug's youngest brother before the game. It was nice to catch up with him and talk fantasy football, college classes, and holiday plans.

Mr Pug and I speak longingly of the days when we will be able to spend our money on vacations and dates, dinners and presents. Without free tickets like these, last night would not have happened. We couldn't stop talking about going to games at IU again "after the wedding." I feel like a lot of things are being put off til then... March 21st and on will be a mix of relief to be able to enjoy spending money again, and despair at not having a wedding to plan! What do you give up in order to have the wedding of your dreams? What will change after you are married? If you are married- what is different in this sense?


  1. Those shirts are cute!

    My step-dad is a huge IU fan.

  2. You pups are sooo cute in those shirts!

  3. Genuis!
    And now, I am hoping you can help with a little CRISIS! My go-to for holiday cards total bombed this year. Scrapblog.com was brilliant last year, and now they charge an arm & a leg. I know I saw some ideas for custom photo cards on your blog, and now I can't find them.
    Help! Photo card emergency!

    Mom to Gen & the Foo

  4. Love those shirts! So when did they go as the 3 Amigos?! Always cute though :-D

    Um, we thought we'd have more freedom to spend money once the wedding was over, but we're still paying it off and now instead of maxing out the credit cards on wedding related items, it's Christmas gifts. I'm hoping we'll get back on track to really do fun things come January and we're looking forward to that first tax return as a married couple with a house ;) Glad yall had fun!!

  5. Ok, I take it back. Three Amigos was SOOOOOOO last year ;)

  6. You are so clever with Halloween costumes!

    I actually have a post like this for tomorrow, all of my extra spending money is earmarked for the wedding. It's so frustrating, I feel your pain!

  7. What a great way to recycle their shirts!! So cute...is it wrong that I get excited for winter so that I can dress my lil min pin up!! Last year I made her some super cute jammies...I may need to hit the sewing machine soon!