Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pet Giraffe!

On Friday, I got a wonderful package in the mail from one of my favorite retailers, RedEnvelope. If anyone hasn't been to RedEnvelope... go. It's a great high-quality but less-pricey gift shop. I got a special email price for an item I really wanted- $10 less (and free gift box, which I turned down) so after Mr Pug agreed it was worth it... I pressed "BUY!"

This baby was sitting on my doorstep after work on Friday!

Most RedEnvelope gifts come with a card that explains the item a little further.

I instantly ripped it apart, pulled out my present to myself, and sighed with happiness. I love giraffes. LOVE THEM! So this giraffe ring holder spoke my language. After losing a stone from my ring (twice), and noticing how it sometimes causes pulls in towels or blankets, I decided to take it off at night and put it on post-shower in the morning. However, I am messy! I knew on my nightstand I would lose it. So my new pet giraffe will sit on my bathroom counter... beautiful and functional.

Pet giraffe ring photoshoot starting... now!

(That other ring is my promise ring, with Mr Pug gave me exactly one year before proposing!)

Mr Giraffie McRingholder has happily acclimated to a life on our crowded bathroom counter, next to my jewelry pouch, candle, and disgusting array of beauty products.

It's only been a few days but it's VERY weird to get used to not wearing my ring 24/7. Besides cleanings and repairs, I've worn my ring 100% of the time since Mr Pug proposed. This will be a change for me!

How do you care for your ring? If you take it off at night or to shower, where do you store it?


  1. So cute! I have a little unicorn, although I tend to wear my ring as much as possible too!

    P.S. New to your blog, I have missed so many great places since my little october sabbatical!

  2. That's so cute! I try to take my ring off when I shower...but if it's first thing in the morning, it's too tight to get off - weird. I'll try to remember taking it off at night though.

    Great idea!!

  3. That giraffe ring holder is so adorable! I never thought of using something like that to
    hold my ring.
    I never take mine off actually. Ever since my mom told me that she had her engagement ring stolen since someone had broken into her house when she was engaged to my father.

  4. Freakin adorable!!!!! I have my ring box that came with the ring, and that sparkly bauble goes right back in to the box IMMEDIATELY when I get home. I don't wear it at all in the house...only when I step out! Is that weird?

  5. Soo Cute! I have been looking for a ring holder. I just keep mine in a box right now. I will be sure to check on Red Envelope now!

  6. soo very cute miss pug!! I need to get a ring holder for when I wash the dishes and get my hands all up in cookie dough. I just started to follow your blog today (found your link on WB) feel free to stop by mine...

  7. Really cute. I LOVE Red Envelope! They have the nicest stuff. (I also found your blog via WB...feel free to check out mine!

  8. I just had to share--I just bought the baby elephant one! My FI and I are Tufts alumni, and the Tufts mascot is Jumbo the elephant. I saw it on sale at Red Envelope and couldn't pass it up! Too cute...