Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tasting, Yo!

We had our tasting tonight at Palomino!

Granted, we knew what we were ordering, but... we wanted to taste it! Plus ours were free! We invited Mr Pug's mom as well. We tried the Caesar salad as well as the garden salad. Their honey mustard dressing was an A+ (my favorite) and Mr Pug was ga-ga over their ranch (it is homemade!)

For our meals, I started with the chicken. It was lightly breaded with some sun dried tomato cream sauce drizzled on. The flavor was great! It came with mashed potatoes (also A+) and green beans. We all loved it.

Mr Pug started with the vegetarian lasagna. It had spinich and carrots in it. None of us are vegetarians so it was more of a side dish to us, but we think it will be a hearty option for our vegetarian friends. It came with green beans as well.

On a whim we ordered FMIL Pugs the pork. It was herb encrusted and FMIL Pugs, who normally doesn't love pork, was all over it. We'll have to look at cost and see if we might offer that as an option if it's only $1-2 more than the chicken. It came with roasted potatoes (delish!) and a lemony broccoli.

Naturally, I forgot my camera (I'm a little distracted by something going on with our Bugg) but made Mr Pug take a picture of the bar area on his phone.

I forgot how HUGE it is! All around this room there are tiny tables with 2 of those red chairs at each. There are also 2 TVs that can have our photos on repeat. I think this will be great for our wedding!

Did you do a tasting before picking your menu?


  1. Yummmm-o! Sundried tomato sauce...droool...

  2. That sounds delicious!!! We haven't done our official tasting yet, but they did treat us to brunch when we were thinking about going with them and we got to try some of the options. I can't wait for the actual tasting and picking out things!

  3. Mmmmm yummy. The tasting is definitely something I'm looking forward to! Also, that bar is gigantic!!

    And, good vibes and virtual hugs for you and your puppy. I hope everything turns out well.

  4. Same with us, we knew what we were getting but why turn down a free dinner?!