Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm mostly distracted today because of work and worries over the Bugg, but thought I'd distract myself from my distractions by doing the survey-thingie that everyone and their mom seem to have done already.

Since it's almost Thankgiving, here's a gratuitious photo of us on Thanksgiving-Eve two years ago. Mr Pug's first post-bar NJ diner experience. Unfortunately for him, I was so drunk that I could barely take a picture.

Yes, I am putting back a basket of curly fries. And why yes, I slept on the couch and... puked on the couch that night. Don't worry mom, we flipped the cushion after cleaning it. Yummy. Thanksgiving Eve is never kind to me. Never.

Onward to the survey!

1. What are your middle names? His is Christopher. Mine is Jeanne (pronounced JEAN) and my confirmation name is Bridget.

2. How long have you been together? Almost three years.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? We were going on dates for about half a month before we were "boyfriend/girlfriend" (you know, on Facebook.)

4. Who asked who out? I'm not sure, we just sort of agreed to "meet up."

5. How old are each of you? I'm 24, he's 27. He'll turn 28 the week of our wedding and I turn 25 the week we get back from Jamaica.

6. Did you go to the same school? No, he went to IU, which is south of us in Bloomington, I went to Elon in North Carolina. Go... Phoenix? (I have no school spirit.)

7. Are you from the same home town? No where near it... Mr Pug grew up in Indianapolis with a brief stint in Maryland. I grew up in the land of bagels and pizza (New Jersey) just outside of New York City.

8. Who is the smartest? He is a better businessman and knows much more about history, politics, etc than I do... and has much more common sense. BUT I scored higher on the SAT's! (1440. From back when it was out of 1600. I hold onto that dearly as my greatest accomplishment/history's biggest fluke and spend far too much time trying to find out ways to slip it into conversations. Like this.)

9. Who majored in what? He majored in Finance and I majored in Corporate Communications and Art. One might argue he also majored in Partying. Then again, I was freaking T-Shirt chair for my sorority... do we really want to go there?

10. Who is the most sensitive? DEFINITELY me. I cry and cry and cry over mostly nothing, far too often.

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Las Vegas! We weren't fans of that flight, it was insanely bumpy. We've also been to Clearwater Florida, and various car trips around the Midwest and to the Dirty Jerz.

12. Who has the worst temper? Mr Pugs. He is more quick to get angry and then let go, while I'm sensitive, let stuff build up, and then let it bother me for, oh... ever.

13. How many children do you want? We want 2 or 4. No odd numbers if we can help it!

14. Who does the cooking? Mr Pug is a better cook but we try to split it. I am great at baking though! Usually we each have our specific dishes that we cook (like Mr Pug's buffalo chicken dip, chicken parm, or anything grilled; or my English Muffin pizzas... hey I said he was better.)

15. Who is more social? I'm more social in a "I talk to strangers" sort of way. When we're in our element (with close friends) I'd say I'm more social/outgoing by a smidge, but since we live in his hometown, we're around his friends more, and I seem a lot more quiet than I am.

16. Who is the neat freak? Neither of us are "freaks" about it but he is neater for sure.

17. Who is the most stubborn? This is pretty even... I call it a tie!

18. Who wakes up earlier? When the alarm goes off, I get up and take out the pugs while he gets their food ready and makes coffee. Then I shower while he eats breakfast. He goes to work earlier though.

19. Where was your first date? OPT's aka Old Pro's Table, a bar in Broad Ripple. We drank Blue Moons and stared longingly into one another's eyes. We then went to Red Room where I embarrassed him by forcefully making out (classy).

20. Who has the bigger family? HA. Me, no contest. He has his mom's sister (single) and brothers (single, he never sees them) and then his dad's sister (married without kids) and brother (married with 3 sons- two of whom are married with baby girls!) So that's like, 14. My Momma Pugs is the oldest of 10, my Dad had two families... we've already discussed my 25 cousins. I love my huge amazing family!

21. Do you get flowers often? Not recently! :( But alas, we are poor.

22. How do you spend the holidays? The last two years we have done Thanksgiving in NJ and Christmas here. It's worked out well and we'll probably continue that, but this year we couldn't afford to travel. Which is fine- I'll see everyone in March! Eventually if we move out of Indianapolis I'd like to alternate and try and get people to come to US... I would love to hostess and not have to board pugs.

23. Who is more jealous? HAHA we both have our moments. I've stink-eyed the girls Mr Pug was "seeing" before he met me. (Stupid biotches!) And he likes to know who a guy is if he writes on my Facebook wall or something like that. Healthy amounts of jealousy, more like curiosity... nothing huge.

24. How long did it take to get serious? We moved super fast. Dated a few weeks before it was official per Facebook, then moved in together literally four or five months later. We bought our house almost exactly eight months after we started dating.

25. Who eats more? I'm mildly competitive and make sure we always split things 50/50 so sometimes we eat... um... the same amount? YIKES!

26. What do you do for a living? I'm basically a glorified secretary. He's a sales/account manager for a parking construction company but is looking to get back into finance and maybe into the health aspect of it.

27. Who does the laundry? We do our own... we are far too particular about our clothes and how to wash them. Seriously, I challenge you to dry Mr Pug's work clothes on high heat.

28. Who's better with the computer? Definitely me, but he's not bad by any means. I just know Macs AND PC's and I know a lot of design programs. Oh and I have a major love for Excel as you probably know.

29. Who drives when you are together? 95% of the time, Mr Pugs. His car accommodates him better (no one over 6 foot likes to slump down into the Brucemobile, aka my Corolla) and he likes to drive. However he drives all day for his job, so once in a while he's so sick of it he asks me to drive. I try to drive when we're in NJ though... you know us crazy Jersey drivers!

30. What is your song? We don't really have one... I like Michael Buble's "Everything" but it's not really his type of music. This will have to be saved for another post!

Ok now everyone else do this- I've really enjoyed reading them!


  1. That picture is fan-freaking-tastic!

  2. I need to do this with all of my spare time :-p Maybe when I get around to it, it'll restart the trend!

    I totally agree on the kid thing - 2 or 4. We don't want odd numbers either!! We'll probably stop at 2, unless we get super rich in the near future!

  3. "We were going on dates for about half a month before we were "boyfriend/girlfriend" (you know, on Facebook.)"

    HAHAHA I love it! Nothing's official until it's Facebook official!!! I completely agree!!

  4. I hope you and stephanie have three kids and then are blessed with twins. After five you will rather have odd then six :) haha j/k... honestly though Pugs, we are soooo MFEO (meant for each other if they don't use that in your neck of the woods)... I've always enjoyed candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, talking to strangers, and forceing makeout sessions on the first date! :)

  5. This is so funny! We were eating 50/50 for a short time too, and then I gained 15 pounds! Fortunately, I eat slower than he does, so when he stops eating, I stop eating. You guys sound like a lot of fun. :)

  6. Hahahhaa love the picture! I'm freaking hungry for curly fries now...thankkssss dude! Sheesh, when did you guys go to Clearwater? You should think about a trip again sometime...haha...