Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save The Date Cards- CHECK!

While my DIY necklaces might not be working out so well, something HAS worked out- our Save The Dates! They arrived in the mail from Vistaprint today. Unfortunately we have more than 100 addresses to send to- barely- so we had to order the next set up- 250. Here are the fronts:

And the back:

When we ordered, things were kind of crazy with our church selection process. We have a very up-to-date and detailed wedding website with Wedding Window, so instead of a ton of random information, we put our website on the back. That way, as things change and develop they will have all the details waiting for them.

I was sort of surprised at how small they were- truly a postcard size. The image my designer (from etsy! OBSESSION!) made me for each side was a little too wide and too short, since I didn't have the dimensions, so the back has horizontal lines, and the front black borders aren't exactly even. It was just a tiny bit off and I didn't care. We are already more than 6 months out- it's time to send them! (We would have done them earlier but our engagement pictures kept getting pushed back due to scheduling/weather.)

In the future (aka when I do my RSVP postcards) I will be get the dimensions to make sure my image will match the postcard size. If I can order earlier, I will do two 100 orders (there's always a free coupon) so that I don't have to pay for 250- the next step up. We will be using these as freaking coasters or something :)

Overall the colors were great, the pictures were crisp (a relief since they looked just so-so on my work PC when I uploaded them) and the print quality was very nice.

Have you used Vistaprint? What tips would you give other brides? What other things are you using postcards for?

Tomorrow is label printing day at work! Yay....


  1. These cards are really cute!! Great job! I haven't come up with a reason to use Vistaprint yet, but this will keep me looking for one :)

  2. They look great. Mine had borders on the front too.

  3. Love them!! Who is your etsy designer? I want to go the DIY route too, if possible.

  4. Those are very cute!! I love the dogs =]

    I did mine through vistaprint too and since I designed my own I was able to change up the size a little to avoid that problem. I did two different orders so I got 100 free and another 100 free, and I also had an email that had free uploads so I didn't have to pay that silly fee. So I got 200 for less than $30 total.

  5. Your save the date looks awesome! I love the green damask & it is so cute that your pugs have the shirts that say save the date!

  6. i'm doing my label printing at work tomorrow as well! :) i think we all ended up with the border!

  7. I LOVE Vistaprint - that's a genius idea. Simply genius! Your save the dates (STDs? ok, maybe not) are amazing - thanks for such a great and frugal idea. I hope you don't mind if I try this one myself - my date is 3/19/11
    Mom to Gen & Fuji

  8. These are awesome! So Cute! We did ours through Vistaprint too (we ordered magnets that were postcard size). They turned out great and our guests love them! Every time I go to a family members house I see our Save the Date on their fridge.

  9. Those turned out SO cute! I love the border, love the picture, just love it all! Great job!

  10. I used vistaprint for photo sharing cards, menus at the reception, save the date magnets and a few other things. I love them!

    Also on a side note, people (and when I say "people" I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE) will still ask you where things are, the dates, times, venues, flowers, colors, everything even though all that stuff is on the website you gave them .. months prior. I put everything on the website and even some of my bridesmaids were like "now what time is the ceremony" as I wanted to strangle them. ;)

  11. They look fabulous! That is a lot of addresses you are going to have to do...eeek! What are you going to do with all the extras?!?!

  12. Love them! I'm about to do my own as well, and plan on using vista print. Its great seeing yours turned out. I love your photo!

    now, i need one of those free upload links...

    Did you upload two images? One for front and one for back? If so, how did you do the image on the back? with the flourishes above and below where the address will go.

  13. They came out adorable!!!

    (I followed your from your pug blog - Hope this isn't too prying, but would you mind sharing your website address? I'm normal, I swear! I'm putting out website together for our September 2010 wedding and am having trouble coming up with good ideas. If this isn't too out there, feel free to email me instead of posting it here: lindsay dot blaha at gmail dot com

  14. Ok, now I am really in the archives. Wish I had found you sooner!!

    These save the dates are to die for. Seriously I LOVE THEM.

    We have three crazy dogs too! Wish we'd done this. So cute