Saturday, February 27, 2010

And back to blaughhhhh. Oh and Cake Balls AGAIN.

Today started out great. I went to my first dress fitting, and we planned Mr Pug's fitting to be later today. We also got Sophie (our fawn puggie) all set on her shots - 1 down, 2 to go!

Then we were let down majorly, again, by family members. I won't go into it, I'm not going to bash or bitch or complain. I do enough of that. This process has shown Mr P and myself a lot about certain peoples' character. I'm hoping that the day will get better, we'll have apologies and reconciliations, and all will be well. Basically if you want to know more, you're probably following me on twitter or gchat me already, and I suggest you do just that.

Since we're on a negative note right now, I'm not in the mood to post about my dress and the tuxes. But I have a few negative-nancy-type things to discuss so now or never, right!?

First of all- my worst nightmare happened. And probably your worst nightmare too... invites not getting delivered. I got my sister M's back right away, and that was understandable since she had just moved into her Manhattan apartment. Fast forward, our RSVPs were "due" last Friday, and I started contacting friends last week to check if they were coming. One of my sorority sisters responded saying: "We received your adorable Save the Date but I wasn't sure if there was an invitation coming. I want to apologize if you have been waiting on us." What a kind and eloquent way to put it, I give her credit... HOW EMBARRASSING! The invite never got delivered to her and never came back to me. (I double checked my label documents, and there was one printed.)

Then yesterday, I got a "return to sender" from ANOTHER sorority sister! Sent January 12, returned February 26?

Postal WTF FAIL. Something to keep in mind when catching up on non-sent RSVPs.

Another thing that's been heavy on my mind: Mr Pug expressed last week that he's worried about people judging or talking badly about our wedding. I understand... all his friends are having and have had beautiful great weddings, and we aren't offering near as much to our beloved guests. Of course they all know the story of what happened, and aren't judging US. When Mr P shared this fear, I brought up a recent wedding of a friend, and asked him if he would have gone if they didn't have a reception. He said of course yes, and that he'd be happy for them. (Which I assume is how any normal person would feel.) I don't blame him for feeling pooped about the wedding. The whole process has been kind of a huge let down and disappointment, and it's hit Mr P especially hard. His bachelor party is this weekend and I hope it'll pump him up about how fun our wedding can and WILL be. It makes me mad that we have to feel these things because of other peoples' thoughtlessness.

I do have SOME good news to share... Mr P's co-best man, A, will turn 28 during the bachelor party next weekend. We decided to throw him a surprise party last night! He is obsessed with cake balls and is basically the reason I bring them around so often. So his girlfriend and the couple hosting the party helped me make them on Thursday night.

Mr P and I arrived early last night and made A a "cake ball cake!" I made those little flags in photoshop. This was just a Styrofoam cone, stuck on cardboard and covered with tin foil. The cake balls are stuck in with toothpicks.

I love it!

A's girlfriend and I shoved in some candles so we could sing and make it really "birthday cake"- like. I wish I had a picture with the candles lit.

It was a great party with wonderful company! A was absolutely shocked.

My last happy announcement is that I gave notice yesterday at my job. I am starting a new job in a week! March 8 will be my first day. It's a much more stable, national company - with benefits! I am excited to start my new job and get two weeks down before my honeymoon. They're very eager to get me started and are being really flexible about time off for my honeymoon. I'm really lucky to have such a great opportunity come through!

Mr Pug is on the phone dealing with more of said drama. :( Off back to crazyland and hopefully I'll have a happy post soon!


  1. ::hugs::
    2 of save the dates returned almost 2 months after we sent them out, I was so embarrassed knowing others had received theirs.
    Good luck babe, I know your wedding is going to be amazing!

  2. Congrats on the new job!

  3. I'm still so excited for you new job! I'm sure you're going to love.

    I still have 50 RSVPs I'm waiting on, so hopefully none of their invites got lost.

  4. Aww, don't let it get you down, you're almost there! We also had an invitation disappear in the mail, it's been 1.5 months and it still hasn't shown up.

    Also, it doesn't matter how much money you have to spend on your wedding, the important part is that you're getting married! It will be beautiful and fun, no matter what.

  5. Definitely USPS FAIL! I can't believe they did that to you! =( Good thing you called and your friend was so respectful about it instead of blaming you or having attitude about it. Seems like the kind of person you really do want at your wedding!!! Good luck and hope everything from here on out goes well! The bach parties will give you guys some time away from wedding responsibilities and that is what you need this close to the wedding.

  6. Postal system = SO NOT COOL. You poor thing. Hopefully all this drama in the lead up will mean smooth sailing on the actual day.

    You really do find out who your friends are in wedding planning. There were some people that I don't even want to talk to anymore, but some that were truly amazing. And sometimes it's the people you don't expect.

    Crossing my fingers for some good wedding luck for you. x

    P.s. That cake looks amazing!

    P.p.s. Congrats on the new job.

  7. aw man, i'm sorry about all the drama--i hope all gets resolved soon. and what an awesome cake ball cake! you are the queen! can't wait to hear how the alterations went. oh, and re: the mail, we never received some of our rsvp's when people told us they had sent them--nothing like a wedding to show you all the cracks in the u.s. postal system.

  8. by the way, how in the world did it become march already?

  9. That sucks so badly about the mail and about the family situation. :( I am wondering if you are close to any Indy pug bloggers that you can beg and plead to have them pug sit???

    We have gone through things like that and honestly it really does show you who is your friend and what their priorities are. :( Good luck!

  10. Ugh, the last thing you all need is more drama. *hugs* There's always POB!

  11. I've just recently heard of these cake balls and I want them so much! Hehe... =)