Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Ring!

Look all- I got a new ring!

Round stone, six channel-set side diamonds...

Oh and it's completely fake.

Let me explain. Last night Mr Pug and I got together with our photographer, Erin Hession-Wooton, and her husband John. We went through the wedding day plan, start to finish. She came up with some great questions for me and was so helpful! She also let us borrow an easel (to use for our picture we are having people sign for our guestbook) and the above "stand-in" ring. That way, when I get my rings soldered I will have a ring to wear. It's weird to wear a ring that's such a vastly different style than mine! It also, in it's CZ glory, looked much shinier and sparklier than my ring. A mix of lotion, hairspray, and, let's face it, queso, had dulled it over the past few weeks. (Hey, we were at a Mexican restaurant!) I gave it a good cleaning when I got home and felt much better.

The meeting made me feel a little calmer about my massive to-do list. I checked a few things off my list! 1. Find/book a makeup artist. (Found and booked, just need to send the check.) 2. Finalize photography schedule. 3. Figure out WHERE we're taking pictures. (Discussed both of these with Erin.) 4. Buy Mr Pug's ring and get it engraved. (We bought it! Just have to get it engraved.) 5. Get stand-in cheap ring for few days before while mine is being soldered. (Erin lent me the one above.) 6. Find out about easel for pug print - rent/borrow if necessary. (Erin lent me one too!) 7. Cake cutting - will Buca provide or do we need a set? (Buca will provide everything since we are not using their desserts.)

Look at me, getting things done! I still need a LOT but baby steps are still steps... right?

Also... giveaway alert!

To celebrate when I get my 100th follower, I will be hosting a giveaway! My very FIRST! If you follow me on Twitter then you already know what it is. If not, you'll have to wait until I get one more follower! Stay tuned!


  1. I need to get a CZ ring to wear on our honeymoon because I don't want to take all my bling with me. Glad you got a stand-in ring.

    And I can't wait for the giveaway!

  2. Ooh, I like it! I'm gonna get a fake ring to wear between the time my rings are soldered together and our wedding day too! And someone NEEDS to become your 100th follower, because I want what you're giving away real bad! :)

  3. Your photographer sounds nice and organized!

  4. Super helpful photographer! You have 100 followers exactly! yay!

  5. Hey there! I found your adorable blog and I am now a follower...101! Have fun with your 1st contest (I just hosted my 1st one last month and had so much fun!!!). I will be coming up with something new for this month too - so check my blog:

  6. What makeup artist did you go with? I'm from the Indy area too and have been looking for one:)

  7. That's a superb idea, stand in ring. Is it bad that I had not even thought of that? Hahaha my bad... Oh well! =)

  8. I was never smart enough to think of getting a stand-in ring so my photographer had me wear my soldered rings. It was kinda nice bc that way you can't tell in the pic if it was before or after the wedding .. only we know. ;)