Thursday, February 25, 2010

BDubs with STEPHANIE!!!!

Last night was amazing!! I drove from Indianapolis (A) to Columbus (B), about 50 minutes. Stephanie drove to Columbus (B) from Louisville (C), about an hour and 10 minute trip.

Don't you just adore my visual aides? I iz teachin you thangggz!

Apparently there's not much to do in Columbus because about HALF THE TOWN was at the restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings! (aka BW3's aka BDubs) It took our waiter a while to get to us, and then he made fun of us a bit (I ordered some wings but with honey mustard, and said "Yea I don't like creamy dressings" and Steph ordered her wings "naked" with a side of sauce... we got the skeezy dirty-minded waiter who twisted our words, great.)

We talked weddings, bloggers, babies, Laura, family, everything. It was so great! I love having a blogger girlfriend semi-close... close enough for a dinner date on a weeknight is certainly lucky!

So as we left I told Steph "I'm going to ask someone random to take our picture, I hope you're not embarrassed." Luckily she said she had expected it, coming from me! Seriously I love this girl! We laughed so hard throughout dinner... I got there around 6:45 and we stayed til 9:00!

Oh look at the fun rando behind us in this one! (I call random people "randos," sadly it's not a typo.)

Thanks for the great girls night, Steph! It was the dose of sanity I needed!


  1. BAH! I'm so jealous of you! Why can't all of you awesome bloggers live in Saskatchewan? ;) Hahaha.

    Looks like you had a blast! I'm glad you got the perverted minded waiter, they tend to make things hilarious. LOL.

    PS I love your scarf, me wants.

  2. Very fun you get to meet up! You both look adorable :)

  3. i am soooo jealous. and i'm so glad you guys talked about me... wish i could have talked more on the phone with you guys at dinner. i hope to see you guys this summer... love you both mucho!!! xoxo

  4. Aw so fun...wish I could have done that :) What a great time.

  5. It was such a fabulous evening!! Thanks for the love Kelly!!! But next time we take a picture, would you remind me to stand up straight?! Gosh, I need to work on my posture!

  6. You both look so cute!! I wish I lived closer to more blog friends (or any at all)!