Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Get Real

Ok I'm getting real with you. I am STRESSED OUT. Saturday is the one month mark. And I still haven't gotten my dress altered. (Insert Freak Out Here)

Why? Um because I didn't have shoes, a bra, or crinoline. I just purchased shoes and a bra this week, but I still don't have a crinoline. I have been looking for them used but no luck - I am trying not to shell out the money for a new one. Also, I am borderline plus size (top of normal sizes or bottom of plus-sizes) and that makes it hard. I could cry over this... but there's no getting my dress altered without it, since a crinoline can alter the length of your dress up a bit.

I am also freaking out about boarding our dogs and about finding a bolero... oh and about actually being able to make an appointment to pick out tuxes (we haven't) but that's another story.

And last but not least, I am freaking out about my reception dress. Since we don't have a formal reception I knew I'd change, but had no luck with short white dresses being under $100. I branched out to black and white, and found this one:

It's perfect, right? The only thing is, I'm not sure about the shape. I'm a very curvy girl and shifts don't tend to look awesome on me. Andddd it's not in any stores near me. (View the dress here, Macy's.)

Then I found this one, which looked grey but upon further inspection was a black and white print:

This wrap-like shape looks great on me. But it's more plain, more blah. It's also not in any stores near me. I would wear it more often after the wedding than the above one, but it just doesn't scream "statement" like the first. (View the dress here, Macy's.)

I really wish I had the money to order both, try them on, then return one. Darn it! What do you all think? Especially those of you who know my body shape.

I really wish I had girlfriends or my Mom here to calm me down.


  1. Pug, I have a crinoline I am trying to sell!!! Email me if you want more info: monica.voicu at

  2. Breathe! you can do this!!

    Crinoline: have you looked in to maybe goodwill or something similar? Can you rent a crinoline?

    Do you have a dress barn nearby? they have 19 locations in In... I have been into the one in Seattle and it is amazing. Check them out? And they are pretty affordable.
    You might even find a bolera there too!

    Tell Mr Pug to get his shit together and go! lol No hand holding!! :)

    I know it will be hard to part with the puppies but if you find a great place, like the one Laura and Salinger use, I am sure they will be fine! Especially if they can stay together.

    Breathe.. you will do well and everything will be good! :)

  3. Okay Kel... here is the question, does your dress HAVE to have a crinoline? I'm not getting one now. And a bunch of new dresses just got posted on Torrid I think if you want to check that out. I also saw a few plus size dresses (many in 14/16) on the Target website for pretty cheap... ordered a couple and love! Thought you might want to check that out.

  4. You can always check ebay for crinoline. I'm buying a Davids Bridal one there.

  5. I'm going to have to agree with everyone else, don't panic! There's tons of crinoline options out there, I'm sure you'll be able to find something that suits you.

    As for the dresses, I think they would both work great. Although I understand the concern with shape, I think those kind of dresses are as close as you can get to universally flattering. And I have a dress similar to the first one and it looks fine on my curves. Good luck!

  6. Take deep breaths Miss Pug! Things will be ok and you will get everything done in time! Sounds like the other ladies have some great suggestions for crinoline that you can check out.

    How about using a belt to accent your waist with the shift dress? Do you think that will make it more flattering?

    Keep breathing!

  7. I was just going to suggest a belt with the first dress, but Chocolate Lover beat me to it! I think that could be a good way to show off your curves and still get the more 'statement' dress. And hopefully you already have a belt that you can use, so there's no added expense!

    I'm crossing my fingers for you that everything else works out with the crinoline and your pug babies. Sounds like you got some great suggestions from the other ladies. Sending some destressing good vibes your way!

  8. I second miss mojito's question .. does the dress have to have crinoline? I had a ballgown type dress and I didn't have one. It was the perfect "poofiness" without it. Plus depending on where you get it altered I think they can add taffeda (I think that is what that stuff is called) underneath so you have less to put on. I did alterations at Nancy's Bridal (the company there is separate from the bridal shop) and the cute little russian lady was ADORABLE!!! VERY good at her job!

    As for the dress .. top of your price range is J.Crew but they might have what you are looking for. I bought a white dress there online and they let me exchange in store and they ordered it for me since they don't keep that specific collection in the store. I think it was from the bridal collection. It might be JUST over $100 .. but they are super cute and maybe they will go on sale soon??

  9. You poor thing. I remember these stressful feelings. I had my dress altered with three days to go. And picked it up two days before. Not a good idea!!

    I really adore that second dress, and I think it is a much more flattering shape than the first one. Perhaps you could jazz it up with some coloured shoes, or something neat to go in your hair?

    Best of luck. You're nearly there. x

  10. P.s. I freaked out so much about leaving the dogs that my Mum stayed at our house (four hours away from hers) for our entire honeymoon. I was SO grateful. That's the worse thing about holidays when you have fur babies - leaving them behind!

  11. Don't Worry!! Everything will be fine! I really like the second dress, and I agree with Mrs. T. If you get the second dress, a cool pair of bright shoes would look really cool!

  12. Also, just remember that soon, it will be all over, and you'll be with the person you want to be with the rest of your life! That's the reason you're putting yourself through all this hassle, right?

  13. We are also super concerned about what to do with our dog while we're gone for 2 weeks! So sad to have to trust someone else to take care of them as well as you will...especially when there is medication involved since (as you know) we recently found out he has a terminal heart condition.

    As far as the dress, I know how frustrating that is...but keep searching in actual stores if you can. I love to shop online but have found that you never know what kind of great deal you will find on a clearance rack in a department store or something.

    Try not to stress too more month! How exciting...We are at 55 days today I think :)