Monday, February 8, 2010

Sad Day to be a Colts Fan

So, my Colts did not win the Superbowl. Big change from the first half to the second. It wasn't a fun end to the game but we had great company. We did one of those bets that's a grid and goes by score each quarter (sorry, that's the best I can describe it) and I did win $40 for the final quarter. Didn't make the loss any sweeter, though. I'd gladly give the $40 for a win!

However we did have great friends around us. We put on Colts temporary tattoos, ate delicious food (mmmm meatballlls), and got our drink on. In fact I brought a dessert with me... football shaped cake balls!

They're a little banged up from the ride over, and I don't have professional tools for piping the white chocolate. Some look like footballs, others look like... turds with stitches. BUT people got the idea and they were yummy. Hey I don't claim to be Bakerella, ok? (Look at the football Oreo truffles she made, midway through this post. It makes me sick. She is an ARTIST.)

How did you celebrate the Superbowl? Is your fiance/hubby a football fan? Any other Colts fans?!?!


  1. Hey you had fun that's what counts! And those cake balls are super cute! I know how difficult icing those danged things can be!

  2. I didn't watch the Superbowl (I watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead! Hahaha) BUT I was rooting for the Colts. Is it bad that I wanted them to win because Hank Baskett is so cute on the Kendra show?

  3. It was a sad sad night. And those cake balls look awesome. Now I want some!

  4. The football cake balls look awesome!!!!!!

  5. They look good and like footballs to me. It's more then what i did lol
    And bakerella.. i think is related to Martha Stewart!

  6. Love the football cake balls! So cool! Need to do that myself :)

    Though I like Peyton, I was rooting for the Saints and was happy to see a great game. Me and Mr Fix It are HUGE football fans and sad to see the season go...oh well, only another 7 months until pre-season starts up :)