Sunday, February 21, 2010

ONE MONTH & Some Goodies

Saturday (aka yesterday) was the ONE MONTH mark! Your supportive emails and comments have really helped, and I haven't thanked everyone enough. Especially thanks to Windi for the email and Stephanie for planning our trip for Wednesday.

Yesterday was too busy for a post- we started the day by visiting Mr Pug's grandma to give her a wedding invitation. She is in a nursing home-like facility (not sure what is the correct term) and has Alzheimer's. His Aunt P visits her daily and met up with us there. I made her a larger-print simple invitation with our picture, since I knew that the small print and tons of wording on our invite would be too much for her. She was very alert and excited!

We then went to our friend's birthday party, which was a Vegas murder mystery! We all got parts ahead of time and had objectives and secrets. It was amazing... everyone got in character and really dressed up! I was "Hot Slot Sally," who was a big winner on the slots and high rolling gambler. Mr P was Jim Beam, the bartender.

I wore the red lipstick from Halloween and kind of liked it! I might have to get this lipstick in a more wedding-appropriate color for the wedding, since I could barely tell it was there. It was Maybelline's Superstay Lipcolor, I think in red or cherry. What color would you pick for me for the wedding? I'm horrible at picking lipcolor!

So about 10:30pm I slipped into a horrible blackout... you know the kind, you don't realize how much you're drinking and BAM - all of a sudden I'm throwing a 2 year old tantrum at 11:30 because I want to go home. Great reminder to monitor my drinking for the wedding... I'm a drinker in general, be it water at a restaurant or work, or drinks at a party. I just need to always be DOING something! (The same goes with food... my poor thighs.) That led to a miserable Sunday morning for me. At noon, I met up with Aunt P though for some SHOPPING! I don't know if I have mentioned this, but for $50 we were able to use the church's gallery area for a small appetizer gathering after the service. I think it will be great so we can mingle with all guests, especially since not everyone will want to go to the after party. Aunt P has been instrumental in helping with this. It will be probably considered tacky but in reality, I don't care... all I care about is seeing our guests and thanking everyone for coming and CELEBRATING BEING MARRIED! Our ceremony will likely be over at 4:00, and we'll have this til around 5:00 (maybe running a little later but the wedding party and family will leave at 5:00 to get to dinner.)

We went to the Factory Card Outlet in town (basically a party store) and I freaked out... they have basic plates/cups/napkins in EVERY COLOR, but also some in those colors in a flourishy pattern! (I couldn't find the flourishy ones on the website but I guarantee they had them for all colors listed.) The green ones with the flourishes looked AMAZING but we decided to do green tablecloths. Instead, we got the black and white flourishy napkins and plates. We also got tons of trays for serving the food.

Check out our cart!

Here's a picture of the plates with the flourishes. They literally came in every color. If you are throwing a shower or party they'd be great. I will likely use them for our summer parties.

Most amazing part was that Aunt P refused to let me pay a cent. I couldn't believe her generosity. She cares so much about us and our happiness, and wants to help us make the most out of our special day. I strive to be like her... she's such a happy, generous, sweet person. I had a great time and she helped me forget my hangover :)

So a few things crossed off... we're getting there! Did you have a productive weekend? What people have helped you out along the way?


  1. I'm so glad you had a productive and fun weekend! Why would anyone think a little reception after your wedding would be tacky? I think it's a great idea and everyone will be so happy for you and Mr Pug, that's all anyone will be thinking...And I love those plates you got, they're perfect!

  2. Wow y'all were crazy busy! I love the idea for the birthday party, how fun.

  3. Not tacky at all!!! I think its the norm around here! We call it cocktail hour but seeing that it is in the church - that may not be appropriate! BTW...I think I fell in love a little bit when you said that you were drunk by 11:30 - I love anyone that isn't afraid to have a good time:)

  4. Yay for Aunt P pullin' through :) Cute plates!

  5. You look so hawt in that lipstick! *meow* I love it! And YAY for the amazing people in our lives that don't mind spoiling us. :)

  6. I think the mingling part sounds great! The more time you can see your guests the better - it flies by so fast.

    Love those plates too!

  7. Hey Miss Pugs!

    Just wanted to say you are totally gorgeous and awesome and I think your wedding is going to be LOVELY!

    Anonymous person who might be your twinner

  8. The plates are so great! And how sweet to have Aunt P pay for them! Yeah, that doesn't happen over here on my end. I had a very small amount of help from mom (my gown), Mr Fix It's parents (picking up the rehearsal dinner) and Mr Fix It contributed a very small amount towards the valet and my hair and makeup. Other than that, I'm on my own! So a little help (no matter how small) is always appreciated.

    How fun to be only a month away now! On Sunday I was at my bridal shower which was lovely but flew by way too fast. :)

  9. Oooh what a fun idea for a bday party!

    And awesome finds at the store! Those plates are so pretty!

  10. We had the same plates at our "damask" shower! You should wear THAT red lipstick-it suits you so well! (Ah-Ms. Buttons commented above me!)