Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bachelorette NYC Weekend {part 1}

Thursday I departed for the wonderful Indianapolis airport for my trip to NYC!!!! I found my fave popcorn place had a shop in my terminal... it's called "Just Pop In!" and I think I'll do something from them in the gift bags. This mix is the Indy Mix and it's caramel popcorn and cheesy popcorn mixed... sounds gross but is SO yum!

Oh and here's my ghetto broken suitcase.

I got to NYC around 8pm and met my sister outside her place. It takes moments like that, running towards her on the street and then having her pull out my broken suitcase handle - like straight out of the bag - and having us both laugh so hard we can't talk, that makes me realize how much I love her and miss her. She ordered me REAL AMAZING ITALIAN NYC/NJ FOOD... they forgot to add the bacon but it's fine, I'll take a penne vodka anyday.

We snuggled (since in her 5th floor walk-up studio the only other option was her foamiture) and she let me sleep in. I woke up to a note, which cracked me up.

The bottom says "PS- How much better are my notes than ma's... no chores!" which is making fun of the notes my mom would always leave us in the summer/on weekends, saying to "have a great day but make sure these chores are done before I get home," followed by at least 12 challenging chores. She's tough.

Here's the lovely view from her place:

And her studio! I love it! Part of me was a little sad/jealous that she's doing two things I never did but always thought I would: live in NYC, and live alone. Then I remember her rent is more than my mortgage and start to like my little house a bit more!

Here's the other half! It was a really nice layout for a studio!!!!

I set out on an adventure. I get a lot of anxiety in NYC when I don't know where I'm going so she gave me great directions. I walked to Sephora to pick up a few items, then took a subway to Buttercup Bake Shop, an old favorite of mine from when I worked in NYC. I got a red velvet one and promptly diedddd.

I brought my sis and her coworker (the one with the pashminas) cupcakes to their work to thank them for all the pashmina work. I also got to meet my sister M's boyfriend!!!! I vastly approve. You'll see in part 2!!!!

After randomly running into an old friend (I was all sweaty from walking, ew, how embarrassing) I then went and met up with my Aunt C. It was her 50th birthday celebration weekend with friends! She shared a mimosa and we went to the Museum of Natural History for the butterfly exhibit. She had a blinking "50" pin that butterflies LOVED to land on!

My mom got into the city soon after and we walked around. She also wanted to go to Buttercup and they said "back again?" Seriously, so embarrassing. We stopped into some stores and leisurely enjoyed NYC. Check out the three dogs on a vespa/cart of some sort. I died a little again.

We met up with my sister M and her boyfriend for dinner and then Mom and I picked up sister R at the airport. It was so great to see her!!!! She's so hilarious, coming from South Carolina, and complaining about the cold. Meanwhile, we're all enjoying the amazing weather!!!!

We spent the night at my mom's new condo in Jersey. She moved farther south and R and I LOVEDDDD her new place! It's so much easier for her than our house was. We relaxed and watched Kardashians Saturday morning then headed back into the city. R and I picked up the cupcakes we ordered for the party (from, you guessed it, Buttercup) and then went to M's. My cheapo Wal-Mart "uggs" were so stinky from all the walking around that they found their spot outside...

My mom went over to her friend Suze's (the party host) to help set up and my sisters and I got to hang out. We decided who was which Kardashian (Kourtney = me, Kim = M, and Khloe = R) and watched The Hangover twice (I'm Stu, M's Alan, and R's Phil.) We laughed and reminisced. Luckily I convinced them (and M's boyfriend!) to come out to Indy for the Indianapolis 500 and the hog roast party we have the day before... I'm excited we'll have more sister time soon.

Then it was time to crimp & primp...

Oh yes, I went 100% crimped out.

I crimped M & R's hair a little (they didn't go all out) and we all did some crazy makeup. Here's R working on her neon eye makeup.

We were all 80's out and ready to party!!! And that's exactly what you'll hear about next!


  1. I didn't realize you were from the east coast! It must be so nice to be with all of your family again! How cute that you all were able to get together and celebrate!

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