Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Man, Best Moment... BFF?

Ok cutting into my (lame since I barely took pictures) honeymoon recaps to share a hilarious wedding photo with you all. But before you see it, here's some background.

Mr Pug had some amazing wedding party dudes. I have great friendships with them all individually, and love them all for different reasons. Many of Mr P's besties have been a huge part of my life in Indy because I moved here knowing NO ONE with NO FRIENDS.

One of the best men, D, is no exception. He is practically unreachable at times - and lives in Chicago, so we don't see him often - but when we do see him, he's unstoppable. D went to college with Mr P, and I was anxious to meet him after Mr P and I started dating. A few months into our relationship, we had planned a trip to Chicago. D called Mr P and started the convo with "what color underwear are you wearing?" If you knew him, you'd laugh at that. Naturally at first I was like.... "who is this weirdo?" Then I met him and instantly adored him. He came up to me when we first met and said something purposely awkward like "Your eyes are striking!" and then we were all besties.

In his speech at the wedding, D mentioned the first time we met, and asked our guests "...did you know she talks?" Yea I talked his ear off that night. It ended with us doing the Kid n Play dance in the middle of a bar...

(The dance I speak of is more easily viewed here, the part we did starts at 1:16.)

Later that night we strolled the streets of Chicago screaming Rhianna's Umbrella song. It was instant friendship!

He came into Indy a year and a bit later in August 2008... we enjoyed fun times again. He is goofy and hilarious and always brings a great time.

And his next Indy visit in August 2009...

Let's just say he's a REALLY, REALLY good friend to Mr Pug. And is no longer a fan of Indy.

But he's definitely still a fan of us!

Ok onto this awesome moment. So he drove with Mr Pug and I from the church to our reception. The dinner at Buca was downtown, and we had to park in mall parking. (Indianapolis' downtown mall is intermingled throughout the buildings downtown and sort of "hidden.") While walking through the mall to the street, we passed a photobooth. I was giddy with happiness and really just enjoying the moment of being married, finally. And the three of us decided to hop in and savor that moment!

I wish it was bigger on here!!!!!!! We were wacky and goofy and it was such a fun moment from the wedding. A lot of the time that day, I focused on stress and things going wrong (for example- someone may or may not have worn white to my wedding?) and having a carefree moment was exhilarating! I can definitely say that that moment was one of the best moments of the day. Oh and now we're all BFF... 4L.

Yes I realize this is borderline stalkerish to do a post about someone who was Mr Pug's friend first. But he's always been such a good friend to my hubs, and is now a good friend to me too, so it needs to be mentioned! Does your significant other have a friend who has become a friend to you too?


  1. Aw that is so sweet!! I get along really well with all of Josh's best friends, but I don't think I have any stories quite like yours. That's great you have such great relationships with Mr. Pug's buddies :)

  2. This is such a cute post! The photobooth pictures are really cool, too. You look so happy!

    One of my fiance's best friends is a good friend of mine now. On top of that, this friend has a girlfriend who is one of my bridesmaids. We're always out double-dating and hanging out together. This friend was one of the first to really welcome me into my fiance's social circle and I have nothing but love for him. :)

    It's always a great feeling to know that your fiance/husband's friends are accepting of you.

    Congrats again! I can't wait to hear more about your wedding. It looks like you guys had a blast. :)

  3. that photostrip is awesome kel... and we are able to click it to make it big :)