Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogged!!! (or, "Hi from Jamaica!")

Ok yea, here I am, on my honeymoon with my HUSBAND!

...who is half Irish and tans like it, and the poor dear is so sunburned on his legs that they're nearly purple. From Tuesday. So yes, internet was necessary in our recovery/shade/"ohmigodnotsunnnnn!" time.

Your sweet comments have literally made my day(s) while I've been checking them! And I'll make you all happier... we've been blogged! Our photog is SICK and posted 45 pictures on facebook (friend me bitches!) and did a great blog post. And yea, now you'll know my last name... oh well. I don't care, it's so worth it.

Sick-amazing-awesome pictures by Erin Hession Photography!

Please comment here AND on her site, show some love for my RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME photog, and stay tuned!!!! So much more awesomeness to come!

(Seriously, how do you all do recaps? There are insane amounts of details!)

Ok, back to put a little aloe on my so-so leg burns and nurse the hubby with some ibuprofen and SERIOUS aloe applications. Say a little prayer for us that, unlike cockroaches and vampires, we can emerge from the shade tomorrow.

ps- someone remind me that "all-inclusive" doesn't mean "eat your own body weight in food & drink until you get your money's worth."


  1. It would be hypocritical of me to tell you not to eat away, so go for it! You look gorgeous! Love your pics and all the special details! As far as recaps go, start with those cookie favors! :)

  2. The pics are SO fabulous! I saw them on FB the other day, LOVE THEM and LOVE YOU! And seriously, kel, take advantage of all inclusive. EAT and DRINK away! There's time for portion control stateside ;) And with recaps, you know how I did mine. Start at the beginning and make your way to the end, just dont take nearly as long as I did!

  3. I love all the photos! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I don't care how hard it is... I want recaps!!!
    Enjoy Jamaica and your newly wedded life :)

  4. Holy CRAAAAAPPP!!! So many teasers!! Your photographer is amazing!!! Seriously, some of the pics with the pugs just KILL me! The one with one of them licking your face...I die. Seriously, you looked gorgeous and I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon! And who says you can't eat/drink your money's worth at all-inclusive?? Do it!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing them on your blog! Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!

  6. the pictures are stunning! you were a beautiful bride! I only wish we had gotten our pup before our wedding so he could have been included in our big day! your pups are TOO sweet!

  7. I'm your newest follower and your pics are adorable with the pugs. Your pics make me sooooo excited for my own wedding in 4 months. Congrats and enjoy my FI's homeland Jamaica baby.

  8. wow wow wow, gorgeous pictures. Your wedding looks like it was so much fun! Love all the details and your pug babies looked adorable!


    I am so glad you're enjoying the h-moon! Hope B is recovering today! I hope the sunblock and aloe that I sent you comes in handy!!!


  10. Hope the sunburn didn't get too bad.. i can totally empathize on that one! ow!!

    OMG your pictures are amazing and i admit to tearing up! :)

  11. Ahh, I can't wait for your recaps!! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and eat/drink all you want! I KNOW I will be in a couple months!! :)

  12. Congrats! Your pictures are so awesome! I am so jealous. I'm having photographer envy! :D

    Your wedding looked so whimsical and seems so perfect for you, based on the little I know from your blog! You look GORGEOUS in those photos!

    Enjoy your honeymoon!

  13. Congrats girly! Um your bouquet? Gorgeous! Love these pictures!

  14. I am still working through recaps three months after the i do's - so probably not the best person to ask.

    Heading over to check those photos out now!

    Have an awesome time, and eat yourselves crazy - it's all inclusive baby!!!