Saturday, March 13, 2010

Even MORE Progress (and a permanent milk mustache)

Yesterday before my dinner I went tanning. My normal, the stand up beds, yada yada. I heard RAVE reviews about the tanning booth teeth whitening system, Twilight Teeth, so I got it. The good news? My teeth are a bit whiter. After tanning next week I should be great. The bad news? The mouth-guard thing you use (it holds your lips back to expose your teeth) during the process? Um it is slightly larger than my lips apparently. Today at work I looked at myself in the bathroom and realized...

I have a permanent milk mustache. Oh, and HOLY PORES.

(Yes I am the bravest person ever for posting that pic, I know.)

Basically the guard-thing covered the areas above the corners of my lips, thus blocking them from tanning. I guess next time I'll just have to adjust it better. Seriously this picture does my milk mustache no justice... it was SO BAD all day. Darn these thin lips! (I am SERIOUSLY puckering them out in that picture. Just FYI. I have thin-lip-itis.)

SO I get home from work and Mr Pug headed out to see a groomsman who couldn't go to his bachelor party (his was last weekend as well!) and I was all, what to do, what to do? And decided to contemplate programs. For the millionth time. I start it off tonight by looking online at Staples for printer ink and - behold - they have mine in-stock!

I run to Staples and buy the ink and a 500 count box of the same linen paper I used in another DIY. I only needed like 250 but the 500 was only like a buck and half more. Well let's just say I'm glad I got it...

Turns out, it took me 23984739 tries to figure out how to print it to scale. Photoshop printed it too small, preview printed it too big. I felt like Goldilocks. Finally I just played with the % until I got what I needed. So I print 40 full programs and realize... a groomsman's last name is spelled wrong. Adding insult to injury? His sister is on there, as a speaker, and HER last name is spelled right. So that was embarrassing. I just printed up more of those and moved on. Sweet paper down the drain.

I'm finishing the 90th set as I type! It will be nice to have these printed as the weekend begins so I can cut them allll week. Friends, it will suck. So, so much. But I have faith. Faith that I will never have to even look at my paper cutter again after this. Faith that my days of failed, pricey, DIY disasters are behind me. MARCH 21 I BECKON TO YOU! FREEDOM I SAY!

Ok, clearly I've lost it. But I really am happy about the progress. I must end with some bad news though. I mean, what would a Miss Pug post be without some complaining, right?

I got a call from the one and only Shane Co today. They left a voicemail. (I failed to mention that on Tuesday or Wednesday, I took our rings in- mine needed to be dipped and soldered to the two bands, and all needed to be sized up 1/4 size. Mr P's was getting engraved and sized up as well.) So I get this voicemail that they're "calling about my ring repair order" or something like that, no details, nothing. I was sure that I'd hear "we lost your rings" when I called. Well, it wasn't that bad, but bad nonetheless. Apparently both their jeweler dudes (technical term) who do the jewelry-fixin-stuff are out sick. And apparently it's stage 7 swine flu or something because they are super backed up. My rings were supposed to be done Sunday... they said it could be as late as THURSDAY. I was all... "I guess you're not asking me anything? So I guess... thanks for telling me?" I did reiterate that my wedding was SATURDAY, as in, you know, two days after THURSDAY. She assured me if something was wrong with them they WOULD have it fixed by Saturday even if we got them back Thursday. I kind of felt bad for her, she said it was, and I quote, "the worst day of her life" and that "not everyone was being quite so nice." So I am putting my trust in Shane Company. My friend in the diamond business. Jeez don't they realize I'm on a commercial? Us celebs have it so hard!!

Up next? Cookie decorating with Aunt P and FSIL in the AM and then a hair coloring appointment!


  1. Good luck with your rings. I know firsthand how it feels to feel unsure about having your rings so close to the wedding. =/ It will work out! And I felt just like you begging for my wedding day to come .. so I didn't have to do another DIY project or look at wedding stuff again. Then came the Thank You cards. Ugh! ;)

  2. Cookie decorating sounds so fun! Can't believe how close you are getting!!

  3. Good luck lady! I'm glad you got yet another project done :) Cookie decorating will be fun and you'll get your rings back beautiful and perfect!
    Also, have a wonderful weekend! I'm still doing my rain dance for you :)