Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have been a machine lately! Last night, I finalized our ceremony. I FINALLY picked the ceremony music and readings. The organist approved, I sent out the readings to our readers, and sent the ceremony for approval. Our officiant is on vacation (LUCKY!) so the other Reverend approved them for us. Here is our ceremony schedule:


Entrance of Family
Panis Angelicus (C. Franck)

Wedding Party Entrance
Largo, from Serses (G.F. Handel)

Entrance of the Bride
Trumpet Voluntary (J. Clarke)

Welcome & Declaration of Intent

Scripture Reading from Colossians
Lydia *******


Scripture Reading from Corinthians
Christina ****

Reverend Doctor Curtis Page

Exchange of Rings

Reverend Doctor Curtis ****

Prelude from Te Deum (M.A. Charpentier)

I also emailed everyone about the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Go me! And now programs for the ceremony are ready to print.

Since my new job doesn't allow checking of other emails, I perfected the art of lunch-time wedding calls today. Also, we are allowed to get personal emails on our work email, so I emailed with our photographer to set up the day's schedule. We determined we needed to move our Buca dinner back an hour so we'd have enough time after the ceremony to take family pictures but also enjoy our church "cocktail hour."

So I called Buca- we're good to move it to 6:30! And then I called my friendor Laura (making the cake) to decide our schedule, and even remembered to change my hair highlighting appointment (it was right near my old work, and I had planned to go during lunch next week, so I obviously had to move it!)

Mr Pug's aunt P also stopped by my new work to pick up the cookie cutters for our decorating party on Saturday, and we talked details. I felt good at the end of the day.

Oh and I set up the "guestbook" tonight...

Dixie's totally saying, Wut duh hek?! Onlee fawnz? Were iz da Buggz lyke MEE!?!!?"

It's my picture from Doggie Drawings. I put it in a plastic sleeve and taped it in- a little crooked, but it's ok since I will take it out when people are done signing. The plastic sleeve will protect it. I took out the glass so it's ready to sign!

Tonight I had a bachelorette dinner with my Indy girlfriends! It was tons of fun and great to relax. I know that this isn't the best blog post, and I know I'm not visiting blogs at ALL (seriously I haven't looked at my reader since Thursday last week. Send me an email if you post something I need to see! LOL!) But I promise to try and keep you updated in our final week! GAHH!

PS... 10-day forecast for March 20 is up... 40% chance of rain. PRAY!! ANTI-RAIN DANCES PLEASE!


  1. I'm doing the anti rain dance for you! :)

  2. Rain rain go away come again another day...Mr & Mrs Pug wanna get married that day, so rain rain go away!

  3. Our recessional was Coldplay's Clocks. My song (Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville) was vetoed; Brad said no. Oh well. ;) Just breathe in these last few moments!

    Looks like your bach party went awesome! My dream has always been to go to new york!! Looks so amazing!

  4. Oh your dog is SO cute and that guest book dog picture is insanely cool. So jealous!

  5. You got so much done!! I'm impressed! I'm SO excited for you - You're almost there!