Monday, March 29, 2010

The Honeymoon: Ouchies!

Flat out warning you that there are GROSS pictures later in this entry. Fair warning!!!

Alright, my honeymoon recaps are going to be pretty lame since we never left the resort and spent the majority of the time just flat out RELAXING. We are not excursion people. Although, any other time, we may have taken a booze cruise or something. What stood in our way? The burnnnn.

The first full day (Tuesday) we both didn't sunscreen our legs. I'm fair, but I still tan a lot better than Mr Pug. See? This was a day or so after the burn went away.

Below is Thursday morning. Mr P's legs weren't as purple as they had been but you can see the AMAZING redness and swelling.

Yea the above picture I was startled by the elevator but here's a centered one:

Note that he's holding up his shorts, not wearing short-shorts. I died laughing a little after I took that picture.

Later Thursday yellow blistering developed, proving that Mr Pug saying he had 2nd degree burns was correct. Here are his legs the day we left (Sunday)... the right leg is rippled with blisters.

Dry, burnt, blistered.

Then we fly, and get to our connection in Philly. And we're picking up our luggage (who knew you had to pick up luggage before customs then re-check it if you have a connection coming back from international travel?) and I all of a sudden am like... "Oh.My.Gosh."

YEP massive yellow blister. Which drained. A lot. And still does. Drains then refills. Constantly. Sorry that's TMI. I warned you though!

See how much worse it is today?

I draped him with a ruler thing to show that it's bigger than an inch across. It is so intriguingly gross.

Just let this serve as a lesson to you future honeymooners.... SPF 50 ALL OVER. IF YOUR LEGS DON'T NORMALLY BURN, STILL SPF THEM. Or you could get 2nd degree burns. For reals.

Ok back to trying to convince the hubs to go to a freakin' doctor!


  1. OH MY!!! Definitely use sunscreen next time. I bet that hurts!!

  2. Wow! That's horrible, so sorry for Mr. Pug. I'm an avid SPF 75 user daily and I swear by it- but then again I live in Phoenix.

  3. Gah!!! What's funny is for most many people would think the gross pix would be you and B being all romantical on your honey moon... rather that is the GROSSEST THING EVER. OMG, you have made me sooo buy an extra bottle of protection. Poor B!!!! :(

  4. Ewwww! And also, LOL! I love that you documented it all, looks like he was in some serious need of aloe!

  5. Oh man that is crazy! Hope his legs feel better soon....blisters hurt!

  6. OMG!!!!!! Poor thing! That is seriously disgusting, but I feel so bad for him! I don't even want to know how painful that is!

  7. OMG! Wow! Gross! I have never seen anything like that! I hope it heals quickly!

  8. OMG, looks so painful!

    He should go to the doctors!

    I will def be using high factor when we go!

  9. Hi my name is Stephanie and I don't use sun screen. I've had blisters like that. The treatment I used is gross so I'm sending your a private email! :)

  10. He really should see a doctor. There is a chance of infection, which can be really nasty. I hope your Hubs feels better soon.

  11. I feel so sorry for you guys! Hey atleast he didn't get sock tan lines:) I'll add super sunscreen to our honeymoon list.

  12. As a native Floridian I've seen this before (I lifeguarded for years) but every time I see a pic I get the willies!

    Make sure you watch that spot for years as skin cancer is one of the most common (there has been a recent spike thanks to our mother's generation being baby oil fiends) and its easily controlled if your doc is aware of it!

    (And yes, every time you return to the U.S. (with the exception of Canada where you go through Customs in the airport on their side) you will have to grab your bags and recheck them. This can be a huge headache after a 12+ hour flight but its whats got to be done!)

  13. Oh no! Poor Mr. Pug. Hope that clears up quickly and that the pain goes away!! :(
    Looking forward to seeing your beach pics too! :)

  14. Oh my...that is not good at all. Hope it clears up soon.

    Can't wait to see/read more!!

  15. Ugh! Been there done that but all over my back. I am now a firm believer in SPF 40 and higher although i usually end up burning anyways!

    Yes go get it looked at to make sure it is healing properly and not infected. I don't think yellow is a good color!

    If you think that is fun.. my husband had an abcess in his leg last summer... now that was interesting!

  16. OUCH! I hope you both still managed to have a good honeymoon!

  17. Holy smokes! I can't believe that! What a bummer. Mr Fix It went tanning a week ago and the stupid place let him go in there for 20 minutes! He totally burned. I told him he was an idiot. I've learned my lesson on many ruined vacations that regardless of what I think, I will always sun screen up for sure. I'd rather be white than red! :)

  18. Ok that was really gross. I have never seen someone that badly sun burnt. He must be in a world of pain!

    Hope he feels better soon.

  19. Holy. Crap.

    I hope Mr. P is ok! Seriously, that is simultaneously intriguing and disgusting!