Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Veil tutorial... 80's style

Well, I am actually DONE with my current job! It worked out really great for me- if you want to hear the hilarious story, you know where to find me.

Bad news is I'm still sick - today I've been super foggy and stuffed up - I feel hot but my temp is pretty low. Never good the week of your bachelorette party!

Since my bachelorette party is 80's themed, I really wanted to do a neon veil. So I decided to DIY. And hope that through my sick stupor it turned out better than past attempts. Luckily it did. Here's your lackluster DIY instructions...

I bought a yard each of pink and orange tulle at Jo-Ann's and cut them in half. I also got a comb for the veil from their bridal section. Probably spent too much on it (I think it was around $6!) but time was of the essence. I also got pink embroidery thread and re-used a thick needle I had from this (failed) project. When I got home, I broke out the glue gun.

That's right, set it down on a KFC menu. Why the heck not.

I glued the left corner of the tulle (all 4 layers) to the left corner of the comb. The glue went on the part of the comb that would rest on your head, and the tulle wrapped over it.

Great picture, right? Sicky couldn't break out the macro? Ugh, pathetic.

Then I did the same to the far right side, and then the center.

I continued gluing until it was all attached. It was still too poofy though, and that's where the thread comes in. I threaded the needle around the base of the comb.

I went right to left then criss-crossed left to right.

I tied off the end and secured it with a dab of glue. At this point I also realized that the macro might help. Finally!

I figured you'd all want to see it on. But remember, I'm sick. No makeup. Hot & cold. I put in the thermometer for effect.

Ok so minus the sick bride, it looks so awesome!!!!!

The tulle was super cheap- less than $2/yard - so if you could find an affordable comb this would be a great thing to make for a bachelorette. You could do white, their wedding colors, or something to go with their theme. I know a lot of bachelorette parties do black and pink decor, and I think black and pink would look awesome in a veil!!!

And yea, I know it's weird that I'm making this for myself. But I just HAD to!!!!!!!

What color would your veil be?

PS- if any of you bloggers are going to be in NYC this weekend, let me know!!! Because I will make you attend!!!


  1. Gah! Love the veil! Too much fun! Feel better lady!

  2. So cool! And I love the thermometer in your picture! My mom is making my wedding veil, which I'll be wearing for our ceremony and pics and that's it. But you're making me wish I was having a bbachelorette party just to be able to make myself a fun and funky veil like yours!

  3. Oh I LOVE it!! So fun! Dude, if I were in NYC this wknd I'd be there in a heartbeat. I actually have a few friends who live there (including a BM). Get better, have SO much fun, and take a bajillion pics. Actually, better idea, have some one take your camera and take pics for you. That's what my girls did and I got about 200 pics from ONE night on one camera. Ok wow...novel.

  4. Love the veil! You did an awesome job at and I love the effect of the pout and thermometer! :)
    Feel better soon and I hope you are all better for you bachelorette do! Wish I lived in NY!

  5. Hard core love your veil! Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Umm, I love it!! I WISH I was gonna be in NYC to celebrate with you! Feel better and don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures!! :)

  7. Great job on the veil. I'm trying to figure out what it means that my 1st wedding was actually in the 80's....... I may just have to post some tacky pics!
    Have a great bachelorette party!

  8. Love that veil! I so wish I was going to be in NYC this weekend! I can't wait to hear about your party!!!

  9. omggg i'm in love kel!!! hahahahha... that picture is my favorite ever... lol

  10. Wow, that turned out so awesome! Hope you have a great time this weekend celebrating! :)

  11. That is so fabulous! I love that your bachlorette is 80's themed. I just found your blog via the DIY Bridal Files. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

  12. haha you are too funny! i love that last pic. the veil looks great and so much fun!