Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ring Disaster... averted!

I had an ohmygod moment with my ring this week... but before I tell you about it, I should probably introduce my ring!

That's my beautiful, perfect, updated-antique style ring! And my pug, Sophie, staring at me in jealousy.

Mr Pug also got the bands too! Yes, bands, plural. I am crazy for symmetry and like things to be just so, which translates to bookend bands. Sometimes when Mr Pug isn't home I like to try them on, evidenced by this photo...

Well, Miss Pug hasn't been taking as good care of the ring as she should! I got it cleaned for the first time this week. Yikes. It was definitely needed. However, here is where the near-disaster happened. I give them the ring, they clean it, they give it back... tiny diamond is MISSING! I think my heart fell into my feet, my mouth went dry, and I choked out "diamond... missing..." Luckily they were great about it and said that if a diamond is loose, they can sometimes fall out in their cleaning system, which uses vibrations to help the cleaning process. About 10 minutes later I had a new teensy diamond added in it's place.

After talking to a bunch of friends and coworkers about this, I found that many people have had similar experiences. Have any of you lost diamonds in your ring? Side stones or even the main diamond? How did you fix the problem?


  1. I haven't lost any diamonds in my e-ring yet thankfully. We have a full warranty on it though that covers all the diamonds and all the gold. My place checks to make sure nothing is loose before the clean the diamonds so you don't have to worry about one falling out.

    I have a right hand ring though who's stone is lose like every other week. It has been in the shop more than I've owned the thing. The stone has even fallen out twice, once where I completely lose it and the second time when I found the stone.

  2. Love your ring. Love your pugs. Love you!

    I had a LOT of trouble with a pave ring I had. Lost several diamonds. I still have nightmares about the gorgeous ring! Ugh!

  3. Ohhh girl, do I ever know how you feel! I have had the ring a MONTH...a freaking MONTH...and we went in to a store that carries my designer's rings (although we didn't originally get mine there), and they checked my stones/cleaned the ring, and there was ALREADY a loose stone. I could have screamed! Thank goodness for lifetime warranty on my ring, so I can breathe a little easier if one is to ever fall out......