Monday, August 31, 2009

Ring Disaster Again.

Remember my last ring disaster? When I got my ring cleaned and a side stone fell out? Yea. It happened again. Except this time... my baby tiny diamond is somewhere in Michigan. It disappeared at some point between "open bar" and "holy hangover."

My ring normally:

My ring upon waking on Sunday morning.

Mr Pug drives a lot for work so he dropped it off for me today. I needed to get it dipped anyway so it is there for a few days. I gave Mr Pug a note with details about the ring. I was disappointed at the stone replacement job last time- the circle setting has 2 or 3 scratches, like the person resetting the diamond was sloppy with their tools. I made sure to mention that and ask for them to fix the scratches. I know it is a very difficult setting type- prongs and bead-sets are much safer, unfortunately, and my ring has 4 of these diamonds.

I'm without my ring until probably Wednesday, and I am sort of embarrassed to tell people what happened! When you mention something breaking or being defective- from a car to a shoe- people automatically ask "where'd you get it?" And then they judge the heck out of that company. But I really like our jeweler! They've been nothing but wonderful to work with and are always happy to fix our problems (the two we've had). With a ton of tiny diamonds in a ring, you are bound to lose one or two. I know twice in less than two months isn't acceptable- but they're fixing it. Is it weird to feel embarrassed for your jeweler? I really don't know what I will do if it happens again next month!

I will tell you... there is no sinking feeling like waking up, looking down, and seeing a gaping hole in your ring. I might have to super glue that rock in! ;-)

Anyone else have an exciting wedding-related weekend?


  1. At least it wasn't your big stone! That's the one I would freak the most about.

  2. Yeah I freak out all the time, I have 1 large diamond, two medium diamons and then 62 tiny diamonds all over the rest of the ring. They are so tiny they would NEVER be found and I might not even catch it missing right away... scares me all the time!

  3. Aw, that sucks about the diamond. Your ring is still gorgeous, if that's any consolation. Probably not, but I needed to throw that in there. So pretty! :)

    I haven't lost any diamonds in mine, yet, but it's a Helzberg Diamonds ring and I came across a thread on's boards that terrified me when future brides ranted about how their rings from Helzberg had to be replaced over and over again because diamonds kept falling out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine is the exception, not the rule.

    I hope you don't have any more troubles with your ring! :)