Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today is huge. Today, I enter absolute freak-out mode. Today... is the two month mark.


Wasn't I blogging about six months just yesterday? Le sigh. I wish that was truly a peace sign and not a sick twisted countdown.

We've gotten in some RSVP cards, probably about 10. The first few were Indy people who know Mr Pug, so they were yes's. However I got a bunch of NO's from people near and dear to me yesterday. I have a feeling this part is going to suck a bit. However I'll just have to look forward MAJORLY to our summer celebrations.

Since it is always on my mind, I made a list of things I have left to do for the wedding. Thanks to Ashley at Bride on a Budget and Em at Burning River Bride for sharing their to-do lists, they were super helpful! I'm going to list my to-do list here, and yea... normally, I HATE that. If they are long (which mine is) sometimes I'll just skim. But if you are a reader, and know me, and want to help, could you please read it and tell me what I might be missing? I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Ok, here goes! (Oh and before you read, I should tell you that one of my dear dear friends will be making our cake (YAY!) and one of Mr Pug's friends offered to host an after party at his house if the guest list isn't too big. I haven't talked about those yet, so I wanted to mention them briefly to avoid confusion.)

To-Do List

-Pick out shoes (must do before fitting!)
-Pick out clutch
-After-party dress (NO idea what color/style/where)
-Bolero jacket (buy one if WB reader's doesn't fit)
-Get appropriate dress undergarments!
-Get my dress fitted... yikesssssss!
-Hair trial
-Find/book a makeup artist
-Tuxes for the boys (find a place, get B measured)
-Gifts for groomsmen/ushers
-Buy the nail polish for BM gifts
-FIND/buy the pashminas for BM gifts
-Look into hoodies for BMs for getting ready
-Assemble BM gifts in bags
-Gift for my mom? Maybe a fun patterned pashmina to go with her dress?
-Finalize photography schedule
-Figure out WHERE we're taking pictures
-Determine who is coming and talk to them about splitting a small party bus/van thing
-If above doesn't work, figure out how everyone is getting everywhere (many ppl can't rent cars and I need to have recommendations)
-Finalize cake plans with Laura (who is making it for us)
-Send final #'s to Buca
-Make programs (I just had a panic attack realizing I have to do that)
-Determine what's going in the OOT gift bags, and how many (Indy popcorn, maybe chocolates from South Bend Choc Co)
-Put together OOT bags and deliver to hotel
-Finalize church decor
-Finalize the service (readings, order, script)
-Confirm organist & music choices
-Buy B's ring & get engraved
-Get rings dipped and soldered together
-Get stand-in cheap ring for few days before while mine is being soldered
-Determine guest count and give to MH & RS to figure out if we can have our after-party at their house
-Notify guests where the after party will be
-Send invitations to guests who will be invited to Buca (immediate family & wedding party)
-Frame the pug print with matte for signing (& get pen)
-Find out about easel for pug print - rent/borrow if necessary
-Find holders for the programs and photo cards
-Schedule nail appointment for that day
-Highlight appointment for hair week of wedding
-Birdhouse for gift cards for the church
-Teeth whitening
-B haircut weekend before wedding
-Notify Wedding Party about rehearsal time & dinner situation after (that we aren't paying but we're going to Cancun and anyone is welcome to join us)
-Cake cutting - will Buca provide or do we need a set?
-Music playlist for getting ready - see if Omni has a iPod plug in?
-Make sure documents are ready (passports!) in a safe spot for HM
-Book haircut appointment for day after wedding (PWC)
-Make or buy pug caketoppers

Basically, a lot depends on finding my dress for the after party. I'm about a 16 in dresses right now, which is hard, because it's either the biggest size in a store, or the smallest in plus size stores, and sometimes isn't carried. I would LOVE it to be white but black & white or a green would be fine. Also, I hate tight dresses. Any recommendations would be great. Once I have that, I can pick my shoes and bag, and once I have shoes, I can get my dress fitted... all hinges on this stupid dress. GAH!

Thanks for not calling me psycho, guys!

Also, I added a really cool little bot to the right. It's my formspring site, you know, that thing everyone has where you can ask anonymous questions? I've gotten a bunch via twitter (FOLLOW ME!), but feel free to ask away or just view my answered questions. Like for example, if you wondered if I was like those people on the Jersey Shore show back when I was in Jersey and went to the shore?

That tan is 100% all natural, baby. And I'm loving my pink eyeshadow. Circa 2004 in a house we rented in Seaside right next to the water park. Sweet goodness I am showing a lot of skin! My friends' faces have been masked to protect the innocent!


  1. The to-do list looks good.

    For dresses, check out David's Bridal Sale and Clearance section. I saw some great ones there the other day in both bridal and bridesmaid.

  2. Your list seems pretty thorough! Good stuff... I'm going to start looking for dresses for you right now...

  3. Definitely a thorough list! And helpful for me! Thx for posting yours also! Good luck with all of it!

  4. Your to do list looks like mine and I have 52 days left!!

  5. Holy crap! Your list is long! And 2 months to go? Wow, so exciting...I have 2 months and like 27 days I think and it is feeling a little more 'overwhelming' each day :) I know it will be hard to get those 'no' RSVP's rolling in after having to change the plans around a bit, but hold tight, dear and remember that you will get to celebrate your wedding on more than one day! That is something pretty special that most of us will not be given the opportunity to do, so enjoy it as best you can. Btw, I am actually hoping we get a few no's in as I don't have room for all the guests we had to send out invites to!

  6. Not very helpful advice, i know... but its helped me... breathing that is! :)