Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gifts, Giveaways & Laziness!

Well now, I am a lazy lazy girl. I have literally a gajillion things - literally! Not hyperbole at all! - that I have received and not posted about!

First up is the lovely Christmas present from my one and only Mom. I had to measure my wrist for it though (luckily the seller remembered my fat neck and had the foresight to ask for my fat wrist measurements - and also sent a necklace extender!) It took me oh 2 weeks to get around to measuring since I'm a lazy girl, so it came late. But isn't it beautiful!

It's by Luxe Deluxe who made my necklace and earrings!

This is the same crystal charm that's on the earrings. I liked that it wasn't too large or bulky.

I also got a gift from my sister M - bareMinerals! It was a few products I already had so after trying to exchange it at Ulta (they don't take back ANYTHING without a receipt, ew) and Sephora (they take back anything, opened or not, receipt or not! ...but not what I had since they don't sell it) I realized that there are actual BareEscentuals stores... and exchanged it there. Yippeee!

I also won some kick-ass giveaways and haven't mentioned my winnings! First up- my honeymoon sandals!

These sandals were the prize from a giveaway on Ashley's blog (Bride on a Budget.) They're from Best Wedding Sites and I love how comfortable they are! They're nice enough that you can wear them with a dress or jeans and look equally as put together.

Another giveway I won from Ashley AGES ago was stationary! It's from Pink Lily Press.

I am amazingly in love with poppies - the red color, the look of them, everything. So I naturally picked this card design.

I got my married name... WEIRD! PS I think by now everyone knows my name is Kelly. But the full name is Kelly Jeanne, Jeanne being the same exact pronunciation as Jean. Which means my name rhymes with Jelly Bean. It's cool... except on Easter. In any case, this just means I'll always be KJ!

Last but not least I won a Uprinting rolled canvas print from my buddy Miss Mojito!

Above is a closeup of the picture we chose. And by we, I mean, the picture I chose.

It's from our engagement pictures. It's one of my favorites because one, it's sepia. Two - look how much fun we're having! Three, it's mostly focused on my favorite part of Indianapolis- the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. I hate having too many "gahhh look at my face twice the size of real life!" pictures around the house, and this I think represents us well and makes me smile without being too abrasive. I haven't gotten around to framing it yet (are you also getting the lazy vibe?) but I think a polished dark brown - almost metallic/copper - frame would look great, and I assume that will take some searching.

Are you a winner? Have you struck giveaway gold like me, or are you still waiting for your time to shine? If you are, and you are wanting or needing some stickers... check out Katie's blog (Random Reflections of a Perfectionist), Laura's blog (With this ring, I thee blog), and LauraLou's blog (Lucky in Love) for a chance to win 250 stickers from Uprinting! What do you have to lose?! Their blog links take you right to their giveaway pages. They are awesome gal-pals to me and if you haven't checked out their blogs yet (cough::unlikely!::cough) you should!


  1. Love the bracelet! It will look great with your earrings and necklace! Luxe Deluxe is so great to work with, she made my bracelet a custom length too. Congrats on all your wins!

  2. Dang girl you hit the jackpot!

  3. Love everything! Both of the things you got from my blog are wonderful!

  4. Haha! Thanks for that last paragraph! :) You've won some CUTE stuff! I love all of it!

  5. Love that bracelet. So pretty!

    Also love the picture you chose for your canvas. It looks great.

  6. That bracelet is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift!

  7. Your bracelet is sort of similar to mine. I had mine custom made (and helped design it) based on the exact style of yours. Only I have super tiny thin wrists so I couldn't go with the normal sized brooch...instead I used a clip on earring I found at a vintage swap meet and had the lady use that as the 'brooch' and then we added some sparklies in between the pearls. I love yours!

    I am also a winner...I got a wrapped canvas print from Uprinting that I won from Caroline Bride's site. I love it! It hangs in my living room...but I have yet to take a photo and blog about it :) I will also be hosting my own first giveaway in March :) Can't wait! Congrats on all the prizes you scored.

  8. Great prizes you won! Those cards are too cute!

  9. THe braclet is to pretty... Are you wearing all of it on your wedding day?
    Congrats on ALL the winnings!

  10. Your bracelet is beautiful! And haven't you been a lucky gal! Congrats on it all!

  11. Congrats are on a streak of gold! I see you won the labels over on Laura's blog!