Friday, January 22, 2010

Let Me Eat Cake, Yo!

Since our lovely changes to the wedding I haven't discussed our cake situation. Our changes brought financial difficultly, and we weren't sure what to do about cake/dessert in general. Our package at Buca included tiramisu or cheesecake, so that was an easy possibility. But, we still wanted our delicious Holy Cow, Cupcakes! cuppies. (Remember our tasting? MAPLE BACON?) The only issue was cost. Funds are tighter than ever now that we are getting zero help.

That's when my friend Laura stepped in - and said she'd do our cake for us as a wedding gift! We know first hand that her cakes are amazing. She makes a cake called "AYFKM Cake" (Are you -- kidding me?) and has brought it to some of our pug get-togethers. (Yes, she has a pug too!) For our get-together around my birthday last year, she made this cake:

Best part? Ok there are two. The pugs on the cake are cookies, and are decorated to look like my pugs Dixie, Sophie, and Harley! The other- it is red velvet! A two-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings on top of the icing between the layers. She gave this to us to take home and we ate it for like, weeks.

See how excited I am!?

We haven't decided what she's making yet. It will depend on the number of RSVP's, etc. We will do either cupcakes or a small cake for the Buca dinner. If it works out that our friend will host an after-party, we might do a second sheet cake (like the pictures) for the party.

Part of the reason I love cupcakes is that I'm not a fan of the overly-decorated cakes you see everywhere. I think fondant tastes nasty. I think designs and flowers are overkill. I like a plain buttercream cake. Old school.

I searched "plain buttercream wedding cake" and this came up. SERIOUSLY?


Something more like the one below- simply decorated and nothing over-the-top. Just... take off the flowers and put some pugs on top, k thanx.


However, Laura has a cupcake tower, and I'd love to do cupcakes at the Buca dinner too. This would probably be an easier option for Laura as well- and we could still do a small cake on top to save for our 1 year anniversary! (Or one month, let's be honest.)


Yes, our colors are green, black, and white. But when you're not having a true reception - and the inside of the restaurant you're having dinner at is CRAZY with red & white checkered tablecloths- you have to let go a bit. So I did, I let go. I think I could, in fact, embrace it with checkered red and white cupcake liners and red sprinkles. It goes with the fun Italian atmosphere inside the restaurant.

My only problem? I want my Holy Cow, Cupcakes! Maple Bacon screams my name, and of course, their Cookie Dough cuppies have a place in my heart. Solution! Our Indiana backyard celebration this summer. We can get an array of cupcakes and set them out at the party instead of a cake or other dessert. Brilliant! Then we can even be more creative, since I'll be doing themes/colors for the summer celebrations. Summer = bright colors right? I can't wait!

What lucky breaks helped you out when you needed it most? What are your likes and dislikes you discovered while looking at cakes? Are you buttercream all the way or a fondant groupie?


  1. That pug cake is awesome! velvet...

  2. Buttercream all the way. Wow that pug cake is SO adorable. What a great friend.

  3. Yayyy for friendors! ;)

    I'd totally have 2 of those yummy cupcakes waiting for us in our hotel room with some champagne for the wedding know...just sayin....

  4. We've been all over the place on the cake issue...don't want anything too simple, something different and fun. Wanted cupcakes - Mr Fix It shot it down. Wanted an upside down cake, baker shot it down - so we fired them :) Want fondant - tastes horrible so I found a recipe online for marshmallow fondant which is supposed to taste better. Now we're having a friendor make our cake for us and Mr Fix It will construct the stand. We will most likely go with red velvet and cream cheese frosting for 2 layers and then another flavor with a filling and buttercream frosting for the other two layers. We'll have the marshmallow fondant placed OVER the frostings as well. Why is the cake issue such a huge hassle? At least you are able to incoporate a few different ideas at your different celebrations :) Can't wait to see the final product.

  5. I wish I could taste Laura's creations, they all look so yummy!

    One idea is a smaller wedding cake and some cupcakes? That way you have some you can freeze and you will have the cupcakes you want! Maybe see if you two can find a maple bacon cupcake recipe on line you can demo? And if it works, maybe Laura can make it?? :)

    We didn't really have a cake after our wedding.. but my girlfriend's mom made us a beautiful 2 tier buttercream wedding cake. :) I loved it

  6. Yay for me being able to try a Maple Bacon cupcake... you better still have it! LOL

  7. wow your friend is totally talented, and need i say that i LOVE the pug birthday cake! that is so cute! and i like this plan where you not only get the friendor yummy cake, but also your maple bacon goodness.