Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Plans (NOT Resolutions)

I don't make resolutions. I just try to make the best of each year, whatever it gives me. I can't necessarily hold my head high, knowing that I didn't react spectacularly to the hand 2009 dealt me. But I can try in 2010, right?

Anywho, my bridesmaid A's older sister, Laney has a wonderful tumblr blog (Hey Laney) about fashion, food, friends, and other fabulous things in her fabulous NYC life. She posted this a few days ago and I thought it was a wonderful way to make plans (not resolutions) for the coming year. (Fun fact- she used to babysit me. By FAR coolest babysitter ever.)


One thing I will learn:

How to manage money better. And if I get so lucky as to own a DSLR, I change that to "how to properly work and make the best of my camera and how to edit the photos like a pro." (Because clearly if I can afford a DSLR money isn't a problem.

One place I will go:

North Carolina.

One physical habit I will break:

Shampooing my hair every day. My stylist told me that shampooing it daily is making it MORE oily (my hair rivals that of John Stamos) so I have been trying ever-other-day shampoos. She says it will get better. I am praying.

One physical habit I will cultivate:

Being active. Most notably- longer walks with the pugs. We (pugs & pug mom) need it.

One mental habit I will break:

Letting everything hurt me. I need to be mentally stronger and more mentally confident.

One mental habit I will cultivate:

Trying to see the positive in everything instead of letting something less-positive break me apart.

One relationship I’ll repair:

I'd like to have a better relationship in 2010 with Mr Pug's family. When the wedding is done, things will be less fogged with all that drama and I hope to have a cultivate and grow those relationships. They aren't currently broken, per se, but... yea it wasn't a good year.

One work habit I will change:

Not caring. I want to be a stellar employee but sometimes low pay and crazy expectations make me not care. In fact I sort of don't care about working on this... bad Miss Pug!

One thing I’ll throw out:

Clothes that are "SOOOO 2007."

A second thing I’ll throw out:

Clothes that are "SOOOO 20 pounds ago."

One thing I’ll eat more often:

New foods. I am DETERMINED to try more foods (healthy ones, especially) in 2010.

One thing I’ll eat less:

Pizza. This will be hard.

One thing I’ll drink more:

Water. I have to! I hate feeling dehydrated.

One thing I’ll drink less:

Soda. It's so bad for me but so delicious.

One overdue e-mail I’ll send, or overdue phone call I’ll make:

I've promised a few people I'd do things and haven't. I have to do that!

One resentment I’ll get over:

The way some friends have reacted to our changes in plans. Everyone has been nice to my face but some people have said very rude things behind my back. I have to get over it. I bitch and moan all the time, other people have the right to as well.

One person I’ll treat more respectfully:

Mr Pug. He works hard and deserves a lot, and sometimes when I'm in a craptastical mood I let that seep into our lives, and he deserves more. He deserves my best all the time! I'm trying to remember that in 2010.

One thing I’ll spend less money on:

Food. It's so easy to order pizza when we don't feel like cooking. $20 (at least) down the drain. And it goes straight to my thighs...

One other change I’ll make in my finances:

Start making goals. Putting aside money for things we want instead of wanting to blow money on them. You know... be adults.

One thing I’ll spend less time doing:

Worrying about how I look (instead I will try to just have fun!)

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing:

Being physical. Working out, walking the pugs, being outdoors. So much more worth it than sitting in front of the TV for hours. As hard as it is to say that in this weather...

Go ahead and fill this out if you want, fellow bloggers... maybe by 2011 we can compare notes as to what we achieved and what new goals we have!


  1. I enjoyed reading this Pugs! Copy & Paste as we speak and will be posting on my blog...

  2. What a great list. I too am not a resolution girl...I think they're silly. But I love committing oneself to being a better person overall...regardless of the date :) Funny, Mr Fix It and I were JUST talking this week about how you're not supposed to shampoo your hair every day. He flipped out on my because I didn't shampoo one day and I told him you're not supposed to. I don't think he believed me. I don't do every other day shampoos...but I do skip a shampoo at least two or three times each week.

  3. Im so sorry that all of your friends haven't been supportive.

    I only wash my hair every two days. It really works. Condition in between if you can't stand not having a fresh smell.

  4. Awesome plan! Creating mine as I type this.

    And I also abide by the not washing my hair everyday. Some days I think it works and others not so much.