Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cookie Field Trip!

I found a gem of a set of cookie cutters on Williams-Sonoma's website on Friday. I sent the link to FSIL and Mr Pug's Aunt P, to see if they'd be willing to bake some with me for favors the weekend before the wedding. They both were excited about the idea- and I'm excited about a wedding task I can do with my future fam!

Aunt P then emailed me about going out on Saturday, but didn't tell me where we were going. She picked me up at 11am and we went west. We were going to a self-described hole-in-the-wall baking goods store! We were in heaven. I wish I remembered to take pictures! There were aisles upon aisles of cake decorations, pans, sprinkles, candy making supplies - pretty much everything you could imagine.

Aunt P treated me to cookie-making goodies! She got us royal icing mix (since we didn't feel comfortable using eggs in ours), good food color (the gel/paste type that's super concentrated) in green, little decorative shiny balls in black and pearl, a few piping bag tips, bags to put the cookies in, a booklet with good cookie recipes (they suggested one that wouldn't rise), and probably a few other things.

We then went to get Mexican and she let me vent about the wedding process and missing my Mom. Aunt P is the one person out here who really seems to care about us and our wedding, and it's so great to have someone like that available to me. My Mom was really glad to know that even though she can't be with me to do all this stuff, I have support from someone who keeps me happy and positive.

When Mr Pug and I went shopping that evening, we picked up the cookie cutters and Williams-Sonoma. Behold!

This green one in the scalloped shape was my inspiration. I think it somehow fits my theme perfectly! I'd like to do the white along the scalloped edge though.

I wish I was talented enough to make designs like this:

These are what the cutters look like. That bag is full of alphabet letters for you to slide in, as well as some common phrases.

This is the cookie we'll be doing. I flipped it in photoshop so you could read it! We'll give these cookies out as people exit the church, as a yummy favor.

I also threw together this one to make Mr Pug smile. And to see if he could read backwards (again, I flipped it for ya'll.) Although, this would be great for a birthday or Valentine's Day cookie!

We didn't know it, but the cutters come with a recipe.

The best part? These cookie cutters, which will allow me to make adorable cookies for tons of types of parties for years to come, only set me back twenty bucks!

I didn't know Williams-Sonoma sold things for less than twenty bucks! HA!

The rest of the evening was spent baking cake balls for a huge important thing that was going on on Sunday...


YEA BABY! AFC CHAMPS! It was a wonderful game, and the Jets played well of course, but I was OBVIOUSLY glad the Colts won. I actually had an old high school friend in town (he's a Jets fan, like many of my Jersey peeps, including my sisters!) Mr P and I went downtown after the Colts game to have a few drinks with him during the Saints - Vikings game. I was very glad to see the Saints win and can't wait for the Superbowl!

Yesterday I had a "swap meet" with some of the girls I know through Mr P's friends. We all brought a few items we didn't use anymore (I brought a purse, sunglasses, and some necklaces) and some wine. We took turns each picking an item until we were all satisfied. I got a small lamp, a painting, a set of decorative plates, and two scarves! It was an awesome night and such a great idea. Plus, someone brought their pug over, which makes everything better :) It was such a success we planned to do it again next week.

Any other Colts fans? And is anyone else DIY-ing edible favors?


  1. Those cookie cutters are amazing! I'm so off to add them to my universal registry.

    And what a killer idea for favors. They're going to look like far more expensive bakery cookies (personalized, too) and yet are totally homemade and adorable. Nice work!

  2. Those cookie cutters are adorable!! I love them! And that's such a good idea for favors!

  3. Those cookie cutters are awesome! Your favors are going to be adorable.

    Oh, and go Colts!

  4. Why have I never heard of a swamp meet? What an awesome idea... get rid of some of your crap and bring home some new crap! LOVE IT!

    Also am DYING to have those cookies and want to go to WS now to purchase them. Let me know how good they work and then I might :)

  5. those cookie cutters are the coolest thing. so cute! CCCC--cool cute cookie cutters! oh, and colts!

  6. You most definitely have to let me know how these worked out! I've never seen such cookie cutters and I love them! I might buy them juts for fun... Lol.

  7. I wish they'd come out with these last August, I would have been all over them for our OOT bags!

  8. They are so neat. Love the idea too. People are going to rave about those cookies!

  9. Hooooly crap! I LOVE these! I can't wait to see how yours turn out....they are SOOO cool!

  10. wow!! these are freaking awesome!! I heart them soo much that I wish I was an at home lady so I could bake all day!