Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Celebration - Saying "F YOU" to 2009

Wow, I sure have been MIA haven't I?

People, I currently at this moment have 621 unread items in my Google Reader. 621 blog posts to read (and comment on) at some point soon. The Sopranos had me addicted and look where that lazy mafioso addiction got me. Getting up yesterday at six for work was so. super. painful. I'm sure you all felt the same! Mr Pug and I were actually in bed before 9pm last night.

Besides the laziness, I'm feeling half blogger's-block and half FREAKOUT! It's so soon... but I'm not really doing anything? That can't be good. Mr Pug just left today to spend a few days in Alabama for work. I plan to spend the next few evenings getting myself together, wedding-wise. Other March brides, feel free to twitter me, email me, or gchat me to compare notes!

In the meantime... let's tell you about my New Year's Celebration, shall we?

On December 30 I went spray tanning. Which, if you remember correctly, went really really well for me last time. This time? Call me Miss Pug Geller. I, like Ross, tanned UNEVENLY. Want proof?

I must have been standing too far to one side, because my left hand was orange (and VERY pigmented around the fingers!) I also neglected to spread my fingers, giving me WHITE inner-fingers, which you can kind of see in this picture. The bottom of my forearm was also mega-tan. However, my right side? Normal. If you stuck my arms together so you could see both forearms, one was tan, one was white. I looked like an oompa-loompa screwed an albino.

Luckily I had a little TendSkin on hand. Every hour (and a few times right away in the morning when I noticed) I would use a cotton round and scrub my left hand with the TendSkin. By NYE, I was fine. Still mildly oompa-y, but fine.

Buy this. I'm not joking.

Sugar scrubs don't work, lemons and exfoliants don't work. (For me.) TendSkin does. On any ingrowns too. So buy it now instead of waiting until you are screwed. I've seen it at upscale salons but you can also get it on their website or even on Amazon.com. (ps- it smells like an drunk angry leprechaun's piss but it's worth it.)

At 9:00 on the 31st, Mr P and I headed over to Broad Ripple. Our group of friends rented out a bar called The Casbah and for $55 each got unlimited drinks and appetizers! That sure came back to bite me on the ass!

Mr Pug on a dare decided to shave his goatee but leave his moustache. So I only took like 11 pictures. However I have noticed that my blackout to photo ratio is inverse so that might have been a part of it as well. Ugh... he looks like a dirty man named Chester.

We all had a ton of fun, had far too many Casbah shots, danced, and brought in 2010 with a bang. This pic below is courtesy of Best Man A's girlfriend (the tan lady behind me) who graciously took more photos than I did. Note to self: never do an open bar again. Seriously, just look at me.

I said F YOU to 2009 and happily cheers-ed to 2010. Then 2009 screwed me by luring me to the open bar ("oooh Casbah shots are so tasty and not at all strong right?") and kept me at it til 3:00am. Mr Pug tried to remedy me with pizza but alas, it was no good. I prayed to the porcelein Gods that night. And again at 2:30pm January 1st. It was 2009's last stand... turning me against the pizza that I love. TYPICAL.

Seriously 2009? I get laid off, I'm unemployed from March until June, I worked FOUR jobs. (Taxes will be fun this year! NOT.) You cursed us with $3,000+ in financial issues, not to mention car troubles and home repairs worth thousands more. You saw our dream wedding flushed down the drain. AND- I only made it to Jersey ONCE. For like, 2.5 days. 2009, I'm sorry to be so honest, but you fucking sucked. (Cussing, I know, but this isn't really a family blog anyway...)

ONWARD, 2010. I look forward to all you have to offer. I feel like you have big things in store for us. 2010, I think you and I are going to be good friends.


  1. I hope you have a fantastic 2010! Can you believe the wedding is so close? It seems like just yesterday I was on the knot boards celebrating the fact that there was only one year until March 27... crazy and I have so much to do! Ack! Happy 2010 :)

  2. As you know I too am happy to see 2009 go! I wish you a 2010 full of prosperity, health, happiness, and love! After all, it will be a great year simply because you are getting married :)

  3. I so completely agree! I was so happy to kick 2009's butt on the way out the door! And yes, here is to an amazing 2010 - bigger and better! I also, like you, sucked at trying to get up for work yesterday morning - BLEGH! Hope you are doing better now :)

  4. Better luck in 2010! You look so pretty in the pic from NYE

  5. The girls were looking really lovely in that first pic...yowza! ;)

    What is involved in that type of shot, by the way? Because of the lack of liquor at Elon, I never learned what shots were...haha! So sad...

  6. You looked awesome for New Years! :) And I'm happy 2009 is over for your sake! Here's to a MUCH better 2010!

  7. Not gonna lie, was staring at the girls too Katie hahaha... I think you looked fab Kel and I love that we are bringing in 2010 with a bang! 2009 is so dunzo!

  8. Mom wants to know how you know what Leprechan pee smells like? She think that would be quite the story......I"ll never tell your pugs/bugs.


    PeeS: We think '09 was kinda sucky too.

  9. Yeah 2009 wasn't the best in any way, sahpe for form,....I'm excited for 2010!