Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Things Are A-Comin'!

Today has been a lucky wedding day. Our Save the Date designs were completed and sent to Vistaprint! Unfortunately the files are .pdf and I can't show you them until I get home and can try and change the file format on my mac. But take my word for it- they're adorable!

I also got my secret project done! I follow a blog called Doggie Drawings that is amazing. Lili does these great drawings of dogs that so perfectly capture their personalities and unique looks! She mostly works with Bostons and does a lot with Frenchies too, but draws all dog types. I was lusting over her work in my RSS feed any time she updated, until- I saw this. THIS set me over the edge:

Astro and Luna, who had been drawn previously, were turned into a couple for their owners' wedding! (I think it was used at a shower though.) Look at the uses:

The champagne bottle is what got me. I had to have it. But for us it was hard to pick two of our three- plus we're focusing on fawn pugs (since black pugs aren't as recognizable to non-pug-crazies) so we decided on my pug Oliver that died in 2007, and our current pug Sophie. It is really meaningful to have them together on there, even though they never met!

I felt like I was committing a sin by blacking out our names! Isn't it beautiful! Lili got me in touch with the person who put together Astro and Luna's bottle labels- they're a company but you need to buy their wine, and they are more pricey than we planned on. So, I'm currently searching labels online that are water proof/resistant so I can DIY these babies onto our super-cheap champagne bottles! Lili is also sending a print (included in the price) that we will be using at our guestbook table. Everything is perfect, down to the cupcake!

This is a great example of how I love to DIY things but not totally on my own. Have you ever done a partial-DIY (sort of like Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade on the Foot Network? You know, 70% ready-made products with 30% fresh ingredients?) What ways have you been inspired when not seeking out inspiration?


  1. What if you had the third dressed up as a priest or officiant? Regardless, those drawings are freaking adorable!

  2. That is freaking cute, I need one for my dogs now!

  3. Gahhh I want one of these now! I'm so jealous.