Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another not-so-great DIY

So, I tried another DIY attempt. This time it was the infamous silk scarf / marble necklaces. My wonderful, helpful friend and fellow engaged blogger Katie sent me this idea with some tutorials: this and this. There were some cute green scarves on sale at NY&Co, so I grabbed them up with my 30% discount (on top of massive sales) and bought some marbles with a 40% Michael's coupon. Gorgeous right?:

Uh, right. Except, that's not the length. This is:

Holy sausageneck, Batman! Unfortunately the scarves were square, not long and skinny. Which meant short necklaces. I even went right up to the end and used toggle clasps. No dice.

I love the way this style looks though- I want something non-traditional and a little chunky. I think that's what I dislike about the pearl ones- too boring for me! And DEFINITELY too boring for my wonderfully Jersey 'maids. I am sure a ton of cute cheap black and white scarf belts exist out there, right? PLEASE can someone point me in the right direction? Also I think I can do this with fabric, as long as it's thin enough and doesn't really fray. That might be another attempt to try. What do you all think?

I'm getting kind of sick of this whole "if at first you don't succeed..." business!


  1. I think you're on the right track now though! So sad that the scarves weren't long enough!

  2. These do look better! I love the chunky look of these.

  3. I love the 2nd picture hahahah, I awkwardly laughed outloud at work.

  4. I totally know a perfect store!

    ... in the Fashion District in L.A.

    Visit please? :)

  5. Do you think you could add ribbon or something to the end to make the length more adjustable?