Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cupcake Tasting!

This morning I picked up our free six tasting cupcakes from Holy Cow, Cupcakes! I selected Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon, Cookie Dough, and Margarita. I also asked about Pistachio, and Karen said she would whip something up but wasn't sure about it being by today. We'll still work on it, but for today we got a chocolate one with vanilla frosting. I also purchased two for fun- maple (just sans bacon) and vanilla vanilla.

Here it is- attached to a gas station! It's the tiniest little place, so unassuming and SO GOOD! Their cake is organic and made with local ingredients when possible.

Driving home they were next to me... it was TOO tempting.

We had a visitor (I'll fill you in later) so they had to chill out a while before we could chow down.

It took us the whole day to get through these. I feel disgustingly full of cupcake and would happily not have one for a month or two, as delicious as they are. This picture has them labeled with flavors:

Mr Pug and I rated each cupcake 1-10 to help us decide what we like. Enjoy our notes!

Rating of 20: Cookie Dough

Mr P: "F-word Amazing. 10." Miss P: "Like Perfection. 10." The cookie dough is shoved down into the cupcake... it's truly the best of both worlds.

Rating of 19: Red Velvet

Mr P: "Delicious. 8." Miss P: "CLASSIC. 11." (I cheated a little. It's the cream cheese icing!)

Rating of 18: Maple Bacon

Mr P: "Awesome. 9." Miss P: "Mapleicious! 9." The maple flavor was strong- like a really, really good maple syrup. The smell was wonderful. And the bacon was a wonderful salty crunch. Definitely the surprise of the day.

Rating of 15: Chocolate with Vanilla

Mr P: "Good. 7." Miss P: "Moist and tasty. 8." I'm glad we tried their chocolate. This will be a good cupcake for people who don't want something crazy!

Rating of 14.5: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Mr P: "Good. 7." Miss P: "Rich. 7.5." We liked this one, but I wished it was chocolate cake with peanut-butter-buttercream. The icing was wayyy rich and the peanut butter cake was good, but together it was a little rich for my taste.

Rating of 6: Margarita

Mr P: "Gross. 1." Miss P: "Zingy. 5." I appreciated the citrus-y taste, but we are not citrus-cake people. It was a bit too zesty for me, but the flavor was really accurate! I hoped we'd like it because it's green- but I knew it probably wouldn't be up our alley.

We also tried the vanilla on vanilla (great classic) and the maple (great but the bacon makes it!) but didn't record those.

Yes, it was a day of cupcakes! And the good news is, they are sold by the dozen for $24. That's $2 per person! Which means it is much less expensive than most cakes in fun flavors with mid-level decorations, which run usually $5 or $6 per slice. Not paying for decorations really works for our budget!

I also have to fill you all in on the location of my dress, and our meeting with the florist- stay tuned! In the meantime... have you selected your cake yet? Which flavors look good to you? And would you be brave enough to try the... (dun dun dun) MAPLE BACON!?!?!


  1. Oh my goodness...I'd like a whole box of that cookie dough cupcake. What a neat place.

  2. The cookie dough sounds AHHHHmazing :) I'll have to stop in the next time I'm up your way!

    We're having a cake and it's french vanilla and strawberry alternating tiers with classic buttercream.

    A friend down here makes bacon maple cupcakes. I'm not a big bacon fan, so no I haven't been daring enough yet, but Rick ADORES them. I think he could eat bacon cupcakes morning, noon and night!

  3. Mm...those sound really good. Our cake is one thing we're having a hard time deciding on.

  4. Ohmagah I want a cookie dough cupcake STAT!