Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: First Look

After getting ready, Mr Pug came up to our suite and we took some through-the door pictures.

We were blocked by the door so we couldn't actually see each other!

Shoved in a corner isn't exactly my look but it was fun to have pictures together before we even saw each other!

We showed off rings (we wore them for pictures even though we weren't technically married yet) and chatted quickly.

Then Brian went down to a banquet room in the hotel and waited for me. Last chance to skip out, man!

I got ya now... tap tap tap...

Checking each other out!!!!! It was so cool to have a first look privately and get to ooh and ahh each other .

I loved seeing him all snazzy in his suit!

We discussed wardrobes and how amazing the weather turned out to be (it was a 60% chance of rain and cold all week and then ended up being in the 60's and gorgeous!)

I couldn't wait to get the partay started!!!

Awkward laughinggggg!

We got some hugs and smooches in...

We also utilized the window lighting.

...more smooching...

Here you can check out my bracelet and all our rings!

I was sooo tres happy with my nail color!

We gazed longingly outside the window...

Then some flower ring pictures...

(I'm telling you guys... anemones!)

Some fisheye bridals...

Then we were ready to join our friends!


  1. LOVE that B&W fisheye of you. Sooo pretty :)

  2. Love all the pics! I can't pick a favorite for the life of me!
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  3. such a beautiful bride! i just found your blog and have been happily stalking it :)

  4. Awee I LOVE LOVE LOVE first looks. Sooo cute!

  5. Looove the 'almost' first look through the door! And those last 2 shots of you are absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Awww seeing how your mister is looking at you during your first look pretty much melts my heart! Such adoration in his eyes..awwwww!!!!

  7. I love the behind the door pictures! So cute!

  8. Beautiful pictures by the window! Those are my favorites. The peek at each other before the ceremony is so cute.

  9. these are so pretty! the door pictures are really cute. and hooray for the weather!!

  10. Love the dark nails! I am going for red, I think. It's nice to see a departure from french tips!

  11. That second to last photo - KILLER!

  12. I'm so jealous of the window lighting shots! I don't remember my photog getting any type of pics like that and I know there were places we could have done so :( Such a bummer. Your pics are so amazing. How fun everything looked!