Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Departing for Puggy Pictures

After gathering in the lobby, we head off to the picture area, aka Monument Circle, the center of Indianapolis, where we had our engagement pictures taken.

This lady stopped me as I walked out to tell me that one of our pugs reminded her of her pug who recently passed. I showed her how the charm on my bouquet had my pug who went "to the rainbow bridge" (dog term for not with us anymore... I'm so lame) in the picture with my dad, and she had tears in her eyes. I was really glad my wedding gang somehow brightened her day. I love that!

The pug brothers (yep all three of these dudes are my brothers-in-law) A, J, and S were in charge of the pugs. Notice anything?

Yep, only one pug has a leash. The other two have ROPE. Mr Pug called me FRANTIC since they only brought one leash for three pugs. Luckily my photographer and her husband are insanely prepared, like boy/girl scouts or something. They made some rope leashes for us. And Erin told me they put some collars and leashes in their emergency kit for the future!

We drove to the monument (about 5 blocks?) and had a hard time parking. We might've been a little illegal... oh well. My peeps helped me dress the pugs in their dress outfits, which I got from PugPossessed on Etsy (a good friend of mine!)

Harles gets in his suit...*

Sophie in her dress*... passers by were laughing and smiling (in a good, non-awkward way) and shouting sweet comments at us... mostly about the dogs! A few did notice my white dress though. It was a wonderful experience!

The pugs were seriously ready for their close up.

Seriously who can resist a pug in a tie?

The wedding party members were really easy going about the pugs, and were helpful holding their leashes/ropes while pictures were taken.

And yes, as groomsman S shows, it did take some pug wrangling.

So what was next? Pictures of Mr Pug and his dudes! And duh, more pug glamour shots....

(Pictures marked with a * were taken by Erin Hession Photography. The rest are from our pugtastic friends.)


  1. So cute! You must have made that ladies day :)

  2. Amazing. They look awesome in their little outfits. This is one of my favorite wedding elements ever.

  3. aw, i'm so happy to see the pugs getting to share in the big day. and oh my goodness i once read this story involving the rainbow bridge and i get all emotional just thinking about it...

  4. They look so cute! I love the dress!

  5. Ahhhhh I can't wait to see more!!! :)

  6. Haha, good call on the rope! What a relief that your photog was prepared...MacGuyver style!

  7. Love that you had outfits for them. SO CUTE