Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: It's My Turn, Yo!

Ok so I lied a little. I said it would be glamour shots of me but those come later. These are just the "my turn" shots with our wedding party and such. Here we go...

Here I am with the boys!

Yes, Best Man Dan, me.

Kisses from the boys!

Here are the lovely MOHs... my sisters M and R.

I love these girls so much!!!!!! I truly have the best sisters in the world.

They clearly agree.

Here are my gals! I wish Bridemaid S could have made it, but I'll see her at our summer celebration. We definitely all missed her, though.

I ADORE this one! L, H, M, me, R, and A.

There were a few cameras going at one time. We had 3 photographers on the case!

At this specific moment I was notsomuch feeling the smile love.

Aren't the green flowers perfect?

I am really glad I went with black dresses and green accents. I think it was more modern but also timeless.

Our shoes! I told them to wear any peep toe or closed toe black shoe, as long as it had a full back (wasn't strappy) and they did great! Here you see L, H, M, me, R, and A. I want to steal them all, especially R's and A's.

These two girls coordinated PERFECTLY! My greeter-ladies, Em and AP.

I've been friends with them (well with all my bridesmaids) for more than 14 years. CRAZY.

Then I got a few family shots. Here I am with my sisters and Mommers!!!!!

Yes I call my mom Mommers. We love her very much. And apparently they love me very much too!

There is no lack of laughs in our family. Just us gals :)

Ok so more pug action next. Seriously I have more recaps than I thought...


  1. What beautiful shots!

  2. FABULOUS pictures! I agree with your colors; you really picked a great combo! Love your mom's dress too - beautiful!

  3. Love it all! Mommers dress is super cute!

  4. I love these pics!! You can totally feel the luuuurrrrve.

    You're going to totally think I stole your wedding once you see my pics. Black BM dresses, green BM bouquets lol...oh boy. Well, great minds DO think alike, right??

  5. I LOVE your colors, everyone looks so beautiful!!!

  6. Ah, you all look so beautiful! The pictures turned out so great. And I totally agree with you about the black dresses and green accents!

  7. Have I told you how much I love those bouquets? Especially since we had green spider mums as one of our flowers, too :) So pretty.