Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: The Day Before

Ok so I was trying to wait for some pictures from friends, but I have about half and can't wait any longer to start recapping- holy ONE WEEK SINCE I'VE WRITTEN!? Yea it's recap time.

Anywho the day before the wedding was INSANITY. I brought the out of town bags to the hotel first thing in the morning. I regret not getting pictures- they were cute! I bought a pack of assorted black and white bags from Michael's and some lime green tissue paper. I put in the bags some water bottles, mini wine, gum, snack packs, and a note with nearby restaurants and a greeting. I think there may have been one more thing in the bag but either way, they were pretty basic. It was really just a hello and thanks for coming bag.

I then got my nails done! I had a spa gift card to use and will never regret the nearly two hours my mani-pedi took. They used top-notch clear coat (on top of my nail polish) and it really held- well into my honeymoon. Plus the scents and soothing music calmed me down. When I was done, my mom, aunt, and sisters were in town! MOH M had to do some work though, so they stayed at the hotel downtown and got some food. I went home and cleaned and finished last minute projects.

When it was almost time for the rehearsal, my mom drove everyone over- my family, my aunt, my mom's best friend, and my friends. They all got to see my house and meet the pugs! Bridesmaid L checked out my fabulous honeymoon hat:

(Yes, we have a random picture of Honest Abe in our guest room. That came with Mr P when we moved in together... and I've grown to love it.)

Then we loaded into our cars and headed to the church, which is only minutes from our house. We all hung out outside waiting for some "fashionably late" people. (Learn from my mistake and tell those people to be there early!) My minions helped carry in my wedding goodies... here are my sisters, MOH M and MOH R carrying our guestbook!

And here are my aunt, my mom, and mom's best friend! My Aunt is holding our birdcage card box! I ended up just getting the generic one at Jo-Ann's and spray painting it black, remember?

We had lots of fun practicing to do. Here are my girls... Bridesmaids A, L, and MOHs R and M. Bridesmaid H had a delayed flight so she had to wing it the next day! And in case you missed it, BM S wasn't able to make the wedding- but was totally missed :(

Here are the dudes with our church's wedding coordinator arranging them.

And here I am with my boo! Tensions were running high all day so it was nice to have that moment to reflect and prepare for our marriage the next day.

After the rehearsal, we went to Cancun, the Mexican restaurant we go to, oh, weekly. (Remember?) They didn't take reservations, just call ahead. It worked out fine, except one server forgot a whole table. One half of us were eating before the other half ordered! They took a little off the price, but it was just a fluke type thing, to be expected with a place that's as casual as Mexican.

Our guests enjoyed drinks and each others' company!

We had a great time eating and introducing everyone.

Above left is one of my step-MIL's... I felt bad catching her at a bad second but she's normally super smiley! However the rest of the pic is too funny not to post.

After we went to one of Mr P's friend's houses to have some drinks and hang out. Bridesmaid J was not so into the dudes' decor...

We kept it an early night and head home (well, me home, them to hotels) while the guys stayed out a bit later. I stayed up until about midnight to wash my hair and blow dry it then, so it would be a little dirty for my hair-do the next day. And then- bed! Lots of excitement the next day...

*All pictures taken by my pugtastic friends.


  1. cute cute! can't wait to hear more

  2. Awesome awesome! We're doing a mexican restaurant rehearsal dinner too. There will only be like 20 of us, but somehow I begged them into letting us reserve a table in advance. :

  3. Ha! The deer is awesome. And I can't think of a better way to spend the night before your wedding than with margs and Mexican!!

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    Also, this is random, but what are you planning to do with your birdcage?

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