Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: My Dress!!!


I got my dress hanger from my sister for Christmas. She purchased it from LilaFrances on Etsy. Who now has a serious wait list.

Look at those gorgeous details!

My dress was less than $400 bucks and from a random tiny shop in southern Indiana. I would NEVER do it differently. Before the wedding, I wondered. Was it THE dress for me? After wearing it to marry my man, there is NO question. I just adore it.

Look at her!!! Paige the dress! (Read here if you don't know why I just called her Paige.) I had a bolero commissioned on Etsy but ended up not wearing it (I wanted to wear it to church for modesty) since it was HOT in our church.

Remember how I said I looked super-special "diving" into my dress? Here's proof...

I even told Erin that I wasn't sure I wanted these pictures. There are multiple ones of me with a bag over my head to protect my makeup and dress from each other. They will not be shown. I'm not graceful.

My bestie H helping me... isn't she seriously gorge?

These next few black and white pictures are from Bridesmaid A. I was pretty intense.

Sister/MOH R helped as well. And I sipped water.

It's hard work getting into a dress.

Our photographer Erin had to step in and help. My amazing wonderful seamstress begged me to have someone come to a fitting to learn how to lace me up. I didn't have anyone... the only people I wanted to get ready with were my family, best friends, and bridesmaids. Who all live in NJ or similarly far from Indiana. Sooooo I was SOL. Luckily Erin has done like two gazillion weddings and was really helpful.

Once that dress was on, I put on my jewelry...

...while laughing...

(Putting on this bracelet solo is HARD!)

Here's my necklace WITH EXTENDER for my sausageneck!!!!!!

This pic is from A as well... it's us with Crystal. Seriously we all LOVED her!

Back to professional photos... here I am with Bridesmaids L and A. I didn't get the memo as to who was taking the picture.

More paparazzi... my beautiful amazing sister M:

And my fantastic greeter/guestbook gals, AP and Em. Who are both Jewish (I attended both Bat Mitzvahs! Way back when I was EVEN MORE awkward!!!!!) which made me giggle when I asked them to be the smiling faces at the church :)

Guess what happened next? Well first I dealt with a frantic phone call (not photographed, but you'll find out soon...) and then, our first look photos!


  1. Seriously girl, you looked SO GOOD in your dress. And you'd never guess it was a $400 dress. I didn't know that til I read your post just now, actually!

  2. I didn't realize it was only $400 either! Mine was about the same price and I've had some second thoughts, but reading your post makes me so excited to wear mine!! You looked GORGEOUS (as I've already told you multiple times!) and I am LOVING your recaps!!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous and you look stunning in it! It does not look like it only cost $400! Love all the shots of you getting ready!

  4. Wow is all I can say and you looked like you were having tons of fun.

  5. Your dress is gorgeous! You definitely made the right choice!

  6. Where in S. Indiana!? I didn't know that! Love the dress, you're such a bombshell! I bought my dress on my first outing because I made the mistake of inviting TOO many people and I just wanted to be done with it. I questioned it all the way until the wedding day when I knew it was the perfect gown!

  7. oh paige. so beautiful and so awesome. it is definitely *your* dress. and ahem, you can't tell us about the bag over the face photos and not post them!

  8. You look so gorgeous! And I still can't believe the amazing price you paid for your dress!

  9. That dress is STUNNING! You look so lovely in it. And I love the hanger.

  10. I still can't believe you snagged that for only $400!!! Deal of the century...and it looks divine on you!

  11. what a steal! $400 for your dress, which looks absolutely stunning! The getting ready shots are always a fav in my book! I am super excited for these.